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Oh My Gauff: Serena Williams Loses Match at Australian Open, 15-Year-Old Coco Gauff Beats Naomi Osaka

Talk about an upset.

Coco Gauff defeated Naomi Osaka in the third round of the Australian Open on Friday 6-3 6-4. Osaka won the tournament in 2019, and she beat Gauff at the U.S. Open last year as well.

But this time, the 15-year-old Gauff was dominant for much of the match and beat the 22-year-old Osaka in a mere 67 minutes. Gauff talked about her progress over the last couple of years, and how she kind of stunned herself with Friday’s victory.

Coco Gauff (L) defeated Naomi Osaka (R) in the third round of the Australian Open on Friday, Jan. 24. (Photo: TPN/Getty Images Sport via Getty Images)

“I don’t even know,” said Gauff after being asked how she beat Osaka. “From the crowd, I guess. Honestly, what is my life, like, oh my gosh. Two years ago I lost in the first round in juniors and now I’m here, it’s crazy.

“Honestly, I was just telling myself, ‘One point at a time and keep fighting because you never know what happens on this court,'” she added. “I love it down here, oh my gosh, like, honestly, thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Like, oh my gosh, I’m on the Rod Laver Arena. I can’t believe this.”

After Gauff’s victory, she and Osaka hugged at the net, which may have reminded some of the touching moment they shared at last year’s U.S. Open when Gauff became emotional after her loss to Osaka and Osaka offered for Gauff to do her encore interview with her.

Earlier this week at the Australian Open, Gauff defeated Venus Williams to advance. Plus, Serena Williams was beaten by Wang Qiang of China on Friday. So some are saying women’s professional tennis is shifting, in terms of its female faces and future stars.

“Serena, Caro and Naomi, all in 1 day, that’s the last three champions,” someone tweeted on Friday.

“Well done Coco, excellent match. @wwos#AusOpen Looks like we’ll be watching Coco for many years,” read another Twitter message.

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