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‘Ms. Nola Looking Right’: Toya Wright Makes Heads Spin With Snapshot of Her ‘Thicc’ Physique

Toya Wright, who recently changed back to her maiden name Johnson, is giving social media a run for its money with her eye-grabbing curves.

The “Priceless Inspirations” author’s flossing left fans stumped this week with her flawless appearance. She took to Instagram on Wednesday and uploaded a beauty post of herself posing inside her kitchen.

Toya Wright
Toya Wright. @toyajohnson/Instagram

Johnson leaned against a counter while taking a photo in casual wear. She sported a black tank top and striped leggings. She wore her hair in flowing tresses and opted for a super glam makeup look. The 36-year-old gushed over her own looks and wrote in her caption, “I had to post this pic…. my makeup is bomb.😍”

Although several fans ogled over Johnson’s beauty, others couldn’t help but notice her curvy frame.

“@toyajohnson that look like a pregnant booty! But yes your make up is bomb!😉😁🥰 you look beautiful sis!”

“@toyajohnson your makeup and figure is bomb💣💣🔥🔥keep it up cause you look great!!😍”

“Toya is thiccc wit it! Ya make up and body is banging 😍 okay ms Nola over there looking right 😩 #nolasfinest”

“Help me @toyajohnson lose weight before I go under the 🔪 I love ur shape u are such a inspiration to me 😩😘”

Toya Wright
Toya Wright. @toyajohnson/Instagram

Johnson became quite the fitness guru last year when she decided to embark on a fitness journey.

The mother of two was apparently still struggling from her weight gain with 1-year-old daughter Reign Rushing and wanted to solve the issue. She claims she even developed low self-esteem during the time.

“After I had my daughter, I was really struggling to find myself again,” she told the audience at Dallas Ultimate Women’s Expo on May 18. “Looking in the mirror was one of those tough things to do because I was gaining this weight. … It was a struggle to get up and get back in the gym.”

As of late, Johnson has been working out on a consistent basis and often posts her gym sessions on her social media pages. She’s currently preparing for her “Pretty Girls Jump” double-dutch competition being held by her and her fiance’s fitness company Weight No More. The event, for which the venue is still unnamed, is slated to take place Feb. 16.

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