‘Queens Supporting Queens:’ Porsha Williams and Jennifer Williams Bond Over This

In 2013, Porsha Williams and her sister Lauren Williams founded Go Naked Hair, and since then fans have seen nothing short of flawless hair looks on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star.

Obviously both Porsha and Lauren know the hair is worth the price it boasts, but it seems even fellow reality star Jennifer Williams has taken interest in putting her best hair forward with GNH.

Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams rocks hair from from Porsha Williams Go Naked Hair line. (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

First-time mother Porsha shared a video of the “Basketball Wives veteran getting her bundles laid by Atlanta hairstylist Poca Davis that had fans raving about the beautiful strands.

She captioned the video, “Another queen showing off her beautiful crown,” and racked up more than 50,000 likes and countless comments.

“Queens supporting queens. PERIODT”

“Wow flawless hair for real”

“Now that’s how you do it REAL FRIENDS SUPPORT REAL FRIENDS 💯”

“Jens hair is always on point❤️.”

Jennifer responded to Porsha’s post in the comments.

“Love the hair @porsha4real, thank you babe ❤️.”

Selling gorgeous bundles of hair isn’t the only side business Porsha has going for herself. In 2019 she launched her own luxury line of bed linens, Pampered by Porsha.

With checks coming in from “RHOA,” her role at DISH Nation, her hair company and line of bed sheets, there’s no telling what big plans Porsha has for the new year.

“Never forget! 🔥20/20 vision!! I can’t wait to do my vision board I feel like tho is the year of amazing manifestation! I’m going to speak over my life what I want and receive it in that order 🙌 #MyYear #ByeFear,” she said on Instagram.

When it comes to Jennifer, although “BBW,” is her claim to fame, she is also a boss being that she has her Classy Girl Wardrobe boutique and her real estate license.

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