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‘Mercilessly Mean’: Tommy Davidson Says in Upcoming Memoir That Jamie Foxx Mistreated Him

Tommy Davidson has a memoir coming out on Jan. 28 called “Living in Color,” where he claims Jamie Foxx wasn’t all that nice to him. The two met on the set of their 1990s sketch show “In Living Color,” and Davidson said Foxx’s competitive nature is what caused the mistreatment. 

To use one example, Davidson wrote about one time when they were filming a Wanda sketch. Foxx played Wanda, who believed she was beautiful, but those she encountered didn’t share that opinion. 

Tommy Davidson (left) said that Jamie Foxx (right) treated him poorly when they worked together previously. (Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

During the sketch, as the Wanda character was giving Davidson a massage, Davidson said Foxx tried to rip his underwear off and leave him naked so others would laugh.

The “Woo” actor said he wanted to get up and “bust him in his mouth” and at the time yelled, “What the f–k, motherf—cka!”

The 56-year-old also used the word “Mercilessly mean” to describe the “Just Mercy” actor. On top of that, he said once Foxx learned that he could get on “In Living Color” creator Keenen Ivory Wayans’ good side by poking fun at Davidson, he wouldn’t stop.

The two celebs also starred in the 1997 film “Booty Call” as well, and their relationship didn’t improve when they shot it. Davidson said that Foxx didn’t stay in his supporting actor lane and instead “was determined to steal every scene he could.”

Their bad blood even carried over to the basketball court when they played a game of one-on-one and Davidson beat Foxx 9-0. The “Strictly Business” star said he drove to the hoop for a layup, and Foxx came after him.

“If I had hit my head on the hardtop concrete, that would have been the end of me,” wrote Davidson. “I was ready to give Jamie some street-fighting lessons too, but the crew pulled us off each other and held me back. … Maybe [Foxx is] a better person now. I would like to believe he is.”

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