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‘Give ’em Legs!’: Fans Are Loving the Vibe of ‘M2M’ Hottie Quad Webb’s Chic Black Dress

Miss Quad Webb switched up the tempo without missing a beat this week as she wowed fans in a chic black leather dress on Sister Circle.

Webb paired the dress with a pair of lace peep-toe booties that made it impossible for fans not to stan her toned legs and pretty-in-red toes.

Quad Webb
Fans agree that Miss Quad has got it in a chic “biker Barbie” dress. @absolutelyquad/Instagram

“Now serving classy Biker Barbie”

“Okaaaaay give’em legs!!😍”

“You better slay”

One fan in particular upped the ante with his compliment by not only mentioning how absolutely beautiful the reality TV star is, but also by stating that she also looked like a fresh-faced 18-year-old!

This past week the “Married to Medicine” star shared with fans that her style wasn’t the only thing she was remixing, she’s also challenging herself to a weeklong juice cleanse.

“I wanted to cleanse and detoxify,” said Webb in a video as she gave fans a glimpse at the juices that would be fueling her for the next few days.

Webb released her first cookbook last year, “Cooking with Miss Quad: Live, Love, Laugh and Eat.” She often shares “Cooking with Miss Quad” segments on IGTV showing fans how she whips up stuffed portobello mushrooms, seared branzino, New Orleans-style barbecue shrimp, and brown stew oxtails.

Since finalizing her divorce from Dr. Gregory Lunceford, Webb has made sure to stand on her own two feet and to keep a smile on her face more times than not, which makes it even more befitting that she captioned her “biker Barbie” pic: “Her smile was like armor and everyday she went to war. 💋”

For a brief moment during the “M2M” reunion, fans witnessed Webb tear up while watching her cast mates from behind the scenes talk about her ex-husband and how he often inquires about her.

“Dr. G is doing well. He still talks about Quad all the time,” said Cecil Whitmore, husband to Dr. Simone Whitmore. “Even as the divorce is final, he still talks about it all the time. You can hear the sincerity that he wished things could have worked out.”

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