‘Y’all Gotta Chill Out’: 50 Cent Responds to People Saying Latest Episode of ‘Power’ Was Boring

The latest episode of “Power” aired Sunday on Starz, and a lot of people said they found it completely boring. 50 Cent eventually responded to the chatter, but he wasn’t able to diminish it.

The last few episodes of the crime drama will focus on who killed Ghost St. Patrick, played by Omari Hardwick.

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Sunday’s episode focused on Elizabeth Rodriguez‘s character Paz Valdes, who at first believed Ghost killed her sister Angela and not Tommy Egan, who really shot her.

Each one of the final episodes will focus on a different character who had a motive to kill Ghost, with Rotimi‘s character Dre being ruled out in the previous episode.

People seemed to like watching his story unfold, which is far different from what they said about watching Paz on Sunday.

“Can’t believe I sat an entire episode watching paz,” someone tweeted.

“Who decided Angela’s sister needed a whole episode,” wrote another Twitter user.

“Y’all better put Sax & Tate’s perspective in one damn episode because tonight was some straight bull,” a third person commented.

“The writers: not only are we gonna make you watch the same 24hrs over and over for 4 episodes from different perspectives but we’re also gonna make you watch a whole episode about boring ass irrelevant ass Paz,” another viewer stated.

50’s response to the negative feedback came on Sunday, and he asked for calm.

“👀y’all don’t like POWER this week, don’t worry next weeks worst 😆,” he wrote on Instagram. “Nah for real y’all gotta chill out. You can’t just flip on me.”

But people didn’t chill out. In fact, they only doubled down on their criticism.

“Yeah you tripping bruh. Giving us the same 3 episodes. I’m cancelling stars!” one Instagram user wrote back.

“Yeaaa cuZ this week had me weak !! Like sh-t was just everywhere,” wrote someone else.

“Can’t get any worse than the Paz episode 😖🥴,” another person stated.

But not everyone hated watching Paz’s story and some said she, as well as the writers, did a fine job.

“I loved the episode it was emotional and intense,” wrote one Instagram user.

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