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‘That’s Why They Mad’: See Why Fans Say Tommie Lee Is a Baddie in This Fit

A whole bunch of people loved the outfit that former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tommie Lee showed on Instagram Thursday, Jan. 9.

It shows her in a tightly fitted blue outfit that exposes her midriff. The 35-year-old is also sporting some dramatic furry footwear, which some might say only adds to the overall flair of what she wore.

Lee has on dark glasses and a bit of jewelry in the pic as well, and more than 1,400 comments were left.

“Someone is out there holding their breath waiting on you to fail, Make sure they suffocate!” wrote Lee in the caption.

“That’s why they mad🗣❗️,” one of her followers wrote underneath.

“You look so cute sis💙,” someone else let Lee know.

“Omg goodness why must she be so fire,” another person asked.

“You definitely taking ppl breath away with this one T! 😏🔥,” wrote someone else.


Lee also caused a fuss with a separate photo that she posted on Thursday, and it shows her topless in tight jeans, crouched on a bed.

Her fans seemed to admire that picture just as much as they did the photo with the blue outfit.

“Girl u slay all day I love it ❤️,”one person wrote.

“Love your shape mamas❤️😍,” another stated.

A third person then wrote, “Wish I was that pillow.”

Meanwhile, Hot 97 reports that Lee scored her own reality show that will focus on her personal and professional life.

News of the show comes several months after Lee made it clear to fans that she never would return to “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

“I am not nor will I ever return to love&hiphop so pls stop asking that era is dead!” she wrote in her Instagram Story in August. “I’m much happier to not be under that umbrella it was misery and depression there.”


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