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‘The Internet is Undefeated’: ‘M2M’ Star Dr. Heavenly Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine after Calling Buffie Purselle ‘Fat Ass’

It looks like “Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes is getting dragged to filth by the internet after making an offensive comment on the show.

On a teaser for the upcoming “M2M” reunion special, Kimes got into a heated altercation with her cast mate Buffie Purselle. It’s unclear what the the two Bravo co-stars were arguing about, but it caused Purselle to throw shade at Kimes and blurt out, “You’re lying through them dentures.”

In response, Kimes fired back, “You lying through that fat ass.”

Dr. Heavenly Kimes
Buffie Purselle (left) and Dr. Heavenly Kimes (right). (Photos: Bravo screen grabs)

Several “M2M” fans took offense at Kimes’ remarks, considering that she once was a heavier woman before losing a significant amount of weight.

After that, it didn’t take long for social media users to find an old picture of Kimes and her husband before her significant weight loss. One fan re-posted the image and wrote, “Is this who called Buffie fat? O… o wow 😂.”

Kimes retweeted the fan’s photo of her and wrote, “The internet is undefeated!! Y’all got me!!! #married2med. #istillhadmyman 😜😜😂😂#kissmyfatass #TeamDaddy.”

Dr. Heavenly Kimes
Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Damon Kimes. @dr_heavenly/twitter

It didn’t take long for the fan comments to roll in.

“LMAOO heavenlyyyy don’t have a filterrr , she just blurt it out but she did come for her 😂. She still look beautiful the & now.”

“I’m glad they pulled this pic up. Heavenly has no room to talk about anybody being fat. At least Buffie gotta shape 🙄”

“@drheavenly you are very beautiful then and now… Why people comparing the past to present!! Haters are going to hate… Can’t wait to see the reunion”

“This is literally the pot calling the kettle black the audacity 😂.”

Kimes joined “M2M” during season 2 and had lost 75 pounds prior to appearing on the show.

She told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2014, “I changed my mindset. I made my vision board of how much [weight] I wanted to lose. I looked at it every day and reminded myself why I wanted to do it — I wanted to be healthy for my family and to live a longer life.”

Kimes said her biggest challenge was maintaining her low-calorie diet and working out nearly every day. She added that losing weight changed her life drastically.

“I’m more energetic, and I’m able to do more with my husband, and children,” she said. “I still work at it every day — it’s not easy.”

As for the “Married to Medicine” Season 7 reunion, it kicks off Sunday, Dec. 29, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.
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