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‘There’s No Turning Back: Drake Explains Why He Has No Interest in Ending Beef With Pusha T or Kanye West

Drake has beefed with other rappers in the past, but he’s already settled a lot of them.

He mended things with Tory Lanez, for example, as he did with Chris Brown. Drake also ended his beef with Meek Mill when they had their epic back-and-forth in 2015.

Drake (left photo) says he has no desire to mend his differences with Kanye West (right photo, left) or Pusha T (right photo, right). (Photos: Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images, Johnny Nunez / WireImage via Getty Images)

But the Canadian rapper won’t be extending an olive branch to Pusha T, whom he has problems with that stem from many years ago.

In fact, Drake’s beef with Pusha comes from the Virginia rapper’s problems with Drake’s boss Lil Wayne. And Pusha and Wayne started exchanging subtle disses in 2006.

Then fast-forward to May of last year, and Pusha released his third solo album “Daytona,” where on the single “Infrared” he suggested that Drake doesn’t write his own lyrics.

The OVO founder then responded with “Duppy Freestyle,” and Pusha came back with the scathing diss track “The Story of Adidon.” In that cut, Pusha revealed the fact that Drake has a son that he never told the public about.

Now in a new interview with Rap Radar, the “God’s Plan” rhymer was asked if he ever intended to fix his issues with Pusha, and he answered no.

“I have no desire to mend anything with that person,” said Drake. “That situation just went where it went and there is no turning back.”

Elliott Wilson, one of the interviewers, then asked Drake if Pusha exposing him as a dad is the reason he won’t mend things. And although Drake didn’t answer directly, he explained why he stopped battling the former Clipse member.

“I bowed out after realizing that the gap between us allowed him to drop a bomb on the world,” explained Drizzy. “I sleep well at night knowing I didn’t get out-barred.”

“I didn’t get, you know, doned off by some crazy song,” he added. “It was just, you know, he told the world that the biggest artist at the time has a kid that he hasn’t told you about. I knew kind of, for me, it was over at that point. It wasn’t even about battle rap.”

Drake was then asked if he’d fix his problems with Kanye West since they too have been beefing for quite some time. West and Drake’s issues started years ago and were rekindled last year when Drizzy and Pusha’s problems came to a head.

“He can tell whoever, ‘I got love for him’ or whatever,” Drake said about West. “But it’s not love. There’s something there that bothers him deeply, and I can’t fix it for him. It just it what it is. Things have changed. I’m not just some kid who’s a fan anymore.”

“Now we have personal situations,” added Drake. “And like I said, a lot of his issues with me, I can’t fix them for him. … I had no problem with any of these guys. I don’t even know these guys like that.”

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