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B. Simone Talks Going On a ‘Crazy’ Date With Ray J in New Christmas Movie

Comedian, actress and rapper B. Simone spoke to Atlanta Black Star about her new film “Dear Santa, I Need a Date,” which also stars Ray J, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Anne-Marie Johnson, Jay DeVon Johnson, Isaiah Jarel and Reginae Carter.

Simone — whom readers may know from MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out” — plays a woman who goes on a romantic outing with Ray J, since he’s trying to find the perfect date to bring home for Christmas. But he decides that Simone’s character isn’t the one he’ll be kissing under the mistletoe in front of his family.

The multi-talented actress also described what her character is like.

“She just crazy, ghetto, just funny, just says what’s on her mind, “Simone explained. “She’s going on a date with Ray J. He’s going through this period, trying to find a date to take home for Christmas, and I’m just one of the girls. And he’s like uh-uh, this is not it.”

And when it comes to her own love life, Simone said she’s hasn’t been in a relationship for quite some time but she’s ready to be in one now. She stressed, however, that her desire to be someone’s girlfriend is based on her own want and not someone else’s expectation.

“I’ve been single for seven years,” revealed Simone. “I want a boyfriend, because I just want a boyfriend. Not because I feel pressure from society or not because I feel like my family [is pressuring me]. I don’t give a damn about what people want. I want what I want, and I want a man.”

But Simone said that feeling won’t allow her to force things or be anxious. Instead, her new game plan involves relying on faith to find the right guy, as opposed to being on a perpetual hunt.

B. Simone (left) talked to Atlanta Black Star about her new film with Ray J and what she plans to do to find love in 2020. (Photos: Aaron J. Thornton, Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images, Denise Truscello/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

She also doubled down on her belief that no one should try to find love because of pressures from others.

“Do it on your own time,” advised Simone. “Don’t do it because your parents are saying you need to have kids or your grandmama was waiting on you to get married or you feel like you’re getting too old. God has timing for everybody. So that’s what I’m going to do next year.”

“[I’m going to] be like, let me stop looking for my man,” she added. “Just sit still and God got it. Just sit still.”

“Dear Santa, I Need a Date” premieres on December 8.


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