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‘Ur Married!’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Side With Ashley After She Scolds Husband Don for Playing ‘Wingman’ to Ryan, Phor

It looks like Don Brumfield may be in hot water with “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” fans for his bachelor-like antics.

On Wednesday night’s episode, Brumfield and his wife Ashley Pickens got into a heated argument after he volunteered to play wingman for his brother Phor and 9MAG owner Ryan Henry. He’s on the hunt to help the gentlemen find love again and decided he’d join them at a club.

When he told his wife Pickens of his “wingman” plans, she immediately became upset.

“Who are you to gon’ and tell them who look good, who don’t? Like, why is that OK as a married man?” Pickens asked her husband.

Don Brumfield
Don Brumfield and Ashley Pickens. (Photo: VH1 screen grabs)

She added in her confessional, “Don has been behaving good for a while now. … But because of what he did … I’m sometimes going to always wonder what he’s out doing when he’s with the guys.”

During the couple’s time on the VH1 series, Brumfield fathered a baby by another woman during their relationship and failed to tell Pickens about it. He also cheated on his wife with a colleague at 9MAG and hooked up with a stripper the day before his and Pickens’ wedding.

Nevertheless, Brumfield claimed all he wanted to do was “be a wingman” and help Phor and Henry find “potential partners.”

Pickens clearly didn’t trust her husband’s intentions and unexpectedly showed up to the club where Brumfield, Phor and Henry were. Instead of getting angry, Brumfield said he planned to prove himself to his wife, hoping she could learn to trust him again.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers had mixed reactions to the scene, while others slammed Brumfield for his “unmarried” behavior.

“Ashley now u know if a dude wants to cheat he’s going to. If u say he’s been doing well then you gotta trust him and trust that he won’t step out 🤷🏾 either u trust him or you don’t.”

“No Don you can’t play wingman brah ur married! Try again man smh. She needs to leave his ass already.”

“😂 girl he cheated on you 1000 times ‘as a married man’ him playing a damn wingman ain’t gone do nothing”

“She’s insecure but Don made her like that 🙄. He’s the one who cheated! No husband should be playing wingman to anyone. Please divorce Don”
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