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‘Wayment?’: Keyshia Cole Fans Confused After She Has Conversation About Her Real Dad With Mom Frankie

It seems Keyshia Cole still has a load of questions when it comes to her biological father.

A few years ago, the 38-year-old crooner claimed she was biracial after she was asked what it meant to be a Black girl who rocks ahead of the annual “Black Girls Rock” award show. Her response was, “I’m biracial but it’s OK … I’m Black, I’m Black.” which caused a wave of backlash online.

Cole finally decided to address the remarks she made in 2012 on her new Fox Soul talk show “One on One with Keyshia Cole.” She claimed her comments stemmed from her mother FrancineFrankie” Lons, who told Cole that her biological father was a white, Italian man. Lons claimed her daughter wasn’t mixed, but “other.”

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole. (Photo: Fox Soul screen grab)

“‘Other’ means … your mother is one color and your daddy is another,” Lons said to Cole in an appearance on the Dec. 11 episode of her daughter’s show.

She went on to say that the singer’s father was an “Italian, Caucasian” man that has been dead for several years. Lons said Cole’s alleged father “was a guy that I used to date when I was a lady of leisure. I became attached because he tried, went to his grave trying to get me to stop doing prostitution.”

Lons added that the man allegedly died from cirrhosis of the liver, according to a few prostitutes she used to know at the time.

Several viewers were confused about Cole and Lons’ discussion about her biological father, as the singer reportedly discovered who her father was years ago.

“Sooooo…. wayment? I’m ultra confused!!! I thought Keyshia found her dad a boxer?”

“I guess they lied about keyshia finding her real dad….thats why I don’t believe everything i hear 🤷”

“Huh? I’m confused… Keyshia found her father and they had a dna test so why is this still a conversation? Unless it wasn’t her dad.”

In 2016, Cole claimed that a Black man named Virgil Hunter, a former boxer, was indeed her father. However, her Instagram announcement of her father was deleted, and it seems the “Heaven Sent” singer is still on the search to find her biological dad. And to discover who he is, she apparently needs honest answers from her mother Frankie.

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