‘You Relevant Again’: Fans Check Keyshia Cole After This Post Proves She Still Feels a Way Over O.T. Genasis Covering ‘Love’ Record

Fans are checking Keyshia Cole following her new Instagram post.

The songstress took to Instagram on the weekend posting a photo of herself holding a mic and captioning the photo: “Now keep in mind that I’m a artist and I’m sensitive about my sh-t- ☝🏽Queen Badu.”


What was Cole referring to in her Instagram post?

Well, the 38-year-old was talking about rapper O.T. Genasis covering her hit single “Love” into a song about gangbanging.

The Atlanta native rapper posted the music video to his rendition of the record, one he titled “Never Knew,” but the 32-year-old changed the lyrics to ones about life as one of the Crips, a notorious gang.


Cole took to Instagram Live soon after O.T. Genasis released the track, allowing fans to express their thoughts on his remake of “Love.”

The Oakland native also mentioned in the live video that Bruno Mars did a rendition of “Love” on Valentine’s Day, but he sang the record the way she wrote it.

Cole expressed that there was “confusion” because he did the song differently. “Sing the song the way I wrote it,” she wrote, but Cole did admit to thinking the song “was funny as hell.”

However, with her new Instagram post, some fans feel that Cole is still salty about O.T. Genasis recreating her song.

“Stop complaining,” one social media user wrote to the singer.

“OT Genasis really brought the fire outta that song 💙💙💙💙💙.”

“Girl relax, be happy somebody made you relevant again.”

“TBH….. I don’t even think he meant it to be disrespect, but IDK 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“Girl, relax. So many people do this to artists’ songs. It’s not even trying to mock it. He is appreciating it and turning it into his own.”

“😩😒 PUHLEASE, it was fuhnny.”

But some of Cole’s fans weren’t here for people taking her work so lightly, and they jumped to the singer’s defense.

“People need to realize if it was their own work being taken as a ‘joke,’ then they would feel some type of way also! I love you, Keyshia.”

“I understand Keyshia; he made a mockery of your song.”


“Your version could NEVER be forgotten, sis. I love the hood and original.”

“I feel you on that don’t remix her music please some people love it the way it is. If not, did right don’t need to touch her music.”

“Facts the disrespect is rule outchea, btw that O.T. Genasis is wack asf.”

O.T. Genasis did reach out to Cole via Instagram on Sunday, Dec. 8, asking her to collaborate on a duet.


However, Cole responded to his request on The Shade Room’s Instagram account, writing, “All I want for Christmas is some of that ‘Everybody Mad’ publishing LMAO.”

It looks like O.T. Genasis and Cole won’t be teaming up for collaboration anytime soon.

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