‘You Both Cheated’: ‘LHHH’ Fans Call Out A1 and Lyrica for Past Infidelities After They Blame Each Other

It seems “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” viewers are fed up with Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley for not holding each other accountable for their marital issues.

Although both Bentley and Anderson have admitted to stepping outside of their marriage and cheating on each other, they’re still having issues with reconciling. Anderson can’t get over her husband having multiple affairs with other women while she was pregnant with their 1-year-old son Ocean Bentley.

A1, on the other hand, seemingly blamed his wife for his infidelities, saying she was the “one who cheated first.” Viewers feel both are in the wrong, although the couple clearly disagrees.

Lyrica Anderson
A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

On Monday night’s “LHHH” reunion special, A1 and Anderson got into an explosive argument while discussing their relationship woes. Bentley claimed he was still upset about having to take a DNA test after his wife cheated on him with another man. Not to mention Anderson apparently nags him about working at night due to her trust issues.

“Every time I gotta f–king go work, I gotta damn near argue to go do that. Do you understand how much stress that is for a man?” the music producer said.

Anderson responded, “That’s ’cause you go cheat when you go work.” She added that “his job requires late hours, early mornings and coming home the next day.”

LHHH” viewers blasted both A1 and Anderson for the broken trust in their marriage, while urging them to stop blaming each other.

“It’s all toxic 😩 so stop blaming one another. At the end of the day they both did each other dirty. A1 cheated multiple grant but they was still married when Lyrica cheated, she did the same exact thing she was mad and hurt from him doing!”

“I wish they would both take fault jeez. I’m really rooting for them. The moms need to stay out of it and they need to get counseling”

“You Both cheated on each other!!!! I’m still pulling for you and your family . A1,Lyrica,Ocean. Reunite but take some damn accountability.”

“I really hate what this show did to @a1bentley & @lyricaanderson I really wish them the best I love them together 😢. If they both could move past their cheating they could work it out. But there relationship is so toxic 😫😫 it’s unfortunate.”

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