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A$AP Rocky’s Request to Perform in a Swedish Prison Gets Denied

So it turns out that A$AP Rocky won’t be performing at the Swedish prison where he was being kept earlier this year.

Last month, the Harlem rapper said he’d be more than willing to perform at Kronoberg prison in Stockholm, which Sweden’s Prison and Probation Service said they were open to — despite never receiving a formal request.

“I would love to,” said Rocky about performing at the prison. “But being that it’s a maximum-security lockdown detention center, where you’ve got to stay in a room for 23 hours a day, I doubt they’ll let those people get a performance.” 

A$AP Rocky won’t be allowed to perform in a Swedish prison as he requested. (Photo: Diego Donamaria/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Vilhelm Grevik, who works for Sweden’s Prison and Probation Service, told the Swedish publication Svenska Dagbladet the performance wouldn’t be allowed due to security and logistics concerns. Plus, the prison has a high occupancy.

TMZ reports that Rocky eventually sent an official letter of request to perform at Kronoberg, and he asked to stop by with a DJ, four to five camera people, a crew of technicians and 11 other performers.

But even though Rocky didn’t get the answer he probably wanted to hear, he’s still heading to Sweden for a concert on Dec. 11 at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm. And a portion of the proceeds will be given to a nonprofit called Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups.

On June 30, the “Babushka Boi” rhymer got into an altercation on the streets of Stockholm with some local men, and he was arrested on July 3 for assault. He then spent nearly a month behind bars and was released on August 2, 12 days before he was found guilty of assault.

But Rocky didn’t have to spend any more time in prison, and he was given a fine that equals a little over $1,300.

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