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A$AP Rocky Reportedly Living in Inhumane Conditions in Swedish Jail; T.I. Calls for Boycott

A$AP Rocky was arrested in Sweden last week after he was seen getting into a physical confrontation with two men in Stockholm. And now it’s being reported that he’s staying in a jail with subhuman conditions.

According to TMZ, the Harlem rapper is in a jail that’s covered in feces, which isn’t cleaned up, and he’s given food that’s barely edible.

The outlet, citing unnamed sources as usual, went on to report that the meals Rocky were given are so bad he’s only eaten one apple per day in the first five days of being locked up. Additionally, there’s no clean water for him to use, and the jail is completely “disease ridden,” TMZ’s so-called insider claimed.

It’s also been said Rocky is sleeping on a yoga mat instead of a bed, and he’s next to a prisoner who bangs his head against the wall because of deep mental issues.

Rocky is being held in the facility for two weeks until officials decide whether to charge him with aggravated assault or not.

A video of the rapper and his crew fighting the men surfaced early last week, and you can see Rocky toss one of them to the ground.

But later Rocky released footage that shows the men being the actual aggressors, and they followed him, then struck his security guard in the head.

One of the men apparently accused one of Rocky’s team members of breaking his headphones, which caused the confrontation.

But despite the evidence Rocky provided, he wasn’t only jailed, Sweden’s Supreme Court rejected his appeal for release and said they wouldn’t even review the case.

Moreover, Sweden officials are being accused of violating the Vienna Convention for Consular Relations, a treaty signed between the country and the United States, which says that if an American is arrested he or she is allowed to see someone from the U.S Consulate immediately.

But the Consulate official wasn’t allowed to see Rocky at first, and when the meeting did take place two days later, the guards wouldn’t allow a private conversation to take place.

Since the “Sundress” creator has been taken into custody, a few of his fellow rappers have said they wouldn’t perform in Sweden anymore and called for his immediate release.

“No more Sweden for me, ever,” tweeted Tyler, The Creator on Monday.

Schoolboy Q then followed and wrote “I’m not goin nomo either.”

From there, T.I. weighed in and said the entire country of Sweden is officially canceled.

“Welp…There it is… Sweden’s now officially outside of the culture on the NO GO list!!!”Until they #FreeFlacko It’s UP!,” wrote Tip, using one of Rocky’s monikers.

Reportedly, Swedish officials are keeping the rapper locked up because they believe he’s a flight risk.

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