Stephen Curry and John Legend Team Up to Produce a New Sports Flick

Stephen Curry and John Legend have partnered to produce a sports movie through their respective companies.

It’s called “Signing Day,” which will be produced by Curry’s Unanimous Media, along with his partners Erick Peyton and Jeron Smith. And Legend will produce through Get Lifted Film Co. with his team members Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorius.

Stephen Curry (Left) and John Legend (right) will produce a new sports film together. (Photos: Brian Stukes/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images, John Sciulli/Getty images Entertainment via Getty Images)

According to Variety, “Signing Day” will tell the story of a sports agent who’s so eager to sign a young basketball star that she’s open to breaking the law.

Last year it was announced that Curry signed a major deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment to work on film and TV projects, as well as virtual reality, electronics and gaming. And all of the projects will fall under the umbrella of sports, family and faith.

Meanwhile, Legend’s Get Lifted Film Co. inked a three-year deal with ABC Studios to produce scripted TV series, which was announced back in April.

The “Ordinary People” singer is also producing shows for Netflix, with his rap competition series “Rhythm + Flow,” already wrapping up. And he also has a live-action musical called “Jingle Jangle” to be released next year with the streaming company. But there’s no word on when “Signing Day” will be released.

And as far as the two men’s day jobs as hoops player and musician, Curry is currently out with a broken hand, which he sustained during a game against the Phoenix Suns last month. He’s expected to be out at least until the spring.

Legend, meanwhile, hasn’t put out an album since 2018’s “A Legendary Christmas,” but he’s keeping busy by being a judge on the NBC competition show “The Voice” and with his political activism.

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