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Is the Door Open? Kenya Moore Shows Love to Nene Leakes on Social Media

Despite her previous declaration that Nene Leakes is “dead to me,” it appears the beginnings of a cordial relationship is brewing between Kenya Moore and her “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star.

A photo Leakes shared to her own Instagram account Monday was reposted to an “RHOA” fan page later that day. That’s where Moore saw it and gave it a double tap for a “like” on the account. It came on the same day her “Extra” interview was published where she said it was “nice” that Leakes had been absent from the first two episodes of the show.

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nene leakes
(Photo: @neneleakes/@therealhousewivesofatlanta/Instagram)

“#NeneLeakes pushing through and looking SNATCHED! 👏🏾😍🔥 #RHOA,” read the caption on the pic.

It wasn’t long before fans noticed that Moore was among the nearly 3,000 fans who showed love on the image. And it resulted in some suspicions from “RHOA” viewers.

“Y’all Kenya liked this photo 👀”

“@nataliya_vanya Nene & Kenya probably have a clause in their contracts. I think there is a friendship outside of public view. Bravo want ratings & these 2 know how to deliver it.”

“@lisaisalwayscuttingup yea I’m starting to believe this show is fake as well another love and hip hop … I’m starting to become over it.”

“@witchonsay I don’t think this is fake at all. I think the producers push certain situations but I don’t think it is fake.”

Despite the speculation from fans, the action from Moore marks a stark turnaround after some of her recent comments about Leakes.

“She has some major issues, and I think she really needs to seek counseling for that — a lot of counseling,” Moore told TMZ of her co-star in October. “The mere presence of me makes her lose control over herself. I mean, she comes undone, honey. She comes undone.”

She added that she did not see a friendship budding between her and Leakes, either.

“I think that I can be cordial with Nene, I think I can be friendly — dare I say — with Nene,” Moore stated. “But will I be friends with her? Absolutely not.”

nene leakes
Nene Leakes (left) and Kenya Moore (right). (Photos: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images, Arturo Holmes/WireImage)

And when she visited “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” earlier this month, it seemed all bets were off that there could be any bonding between the co-stars.

“I think she’s pretty much dead to me,” Moore said. “When someone tries to spit on you, I think they’ll not ever be friends with you. That’s pretty much done.”

But while Moore just extended an apparent olive branch to Leakes, a recent stop the O.G. peach holder made on “Extra” shows the onetime actress may not be too eager to reconcile.

“She’s never been alive to me,” Leakes said Nov. 19 when asked about Moore’s previous remarks saying the sole original “RHOA” star is “dead” to her.

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