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‘She Comes Undone’: Kenya Moore Airs Out Nene Leakes as Fans Hail Her as ‘Queen’ of ‘Classy Shade’

Kenya Moore is stepping back into the ring of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” this season, and she’s not holding back when it comes to her foe Nene Leakes.

Nearly two weeks ahead of season 12 premiering, Moore spoke to Bravo Insider about why she thinks Leakes is so angry with her.

kenya moore
Kenya Moore (left) and Nene Leakes (right) at the Golden Globes after party sponsored by Chrysler on Jan. 8, 2017, in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for NBCUniversal)

“The least [welcoming] was Nene, typical Nene,” she says. “If you watch the season finale of season 11, clearly she’s very bothered by me.”

Moore is referring to Leakes becoming upset that she entered Cynthia Bailey’s party without warning. She remarked, “I think a monster is here.”

“I still don’t know why but she is threatened and bothered and she doesn’t want me around,” Moore continues, adding that Leakes “makes it an issue for me to have any friends.”

“She has some major issues and I think she really needs to seek counseling for that — a lot of counseling,” Moore continues. “I think she’s very bothered, she’s very threatened by me. The mere presence of me makes her lose control over herself. I mean, she comes undone, honey. She comes undone.”

The single mom noted that while she’ll “never say never” that doesn’t mean she’ll ever befriend Leakes.

“I think that I can be cordial with Nene, I think I can be friendly — dare I say — with Nene,” Moore says. “But will I be friends with her? Absolutely not. I’ve seen too many things, I know too many things, and she is not for me.”

Fans who caught Moore’s remarks on the O.G. housewife were in awe of how Moore managed to shade Leakes without utterly dragging her in the process.

“She comes undone 💀 yasssss Queen, the classy shade!!!! 👑”

“Kenya is sooo gorgeous even years after winning Miss USA. She’s so eloquent and creative with words and shades. She has her real hair which is long and beautiful. She’s confident and no one’s lapdog. She’s friends with the sweetest ladies on the show – Cynthia & Kandi. & yall wanna tell me Nene isnt threatened by her?? Thing is Nene is nasty and threatened by anyone who isnt her lapdog.”

“Come on, who doesn’t admire beauty, elegance, class and style?!?!….Oh, Nene😵! “

“Gurl u just keep handling ur self with CLASS ANS SELF CONTROL 💯 LOVE U”

Moore has made similar remarks about how “threatened” Leakes is by her before. Speaking to TMZ at an event for her Kenya Moore Hair Care line earlier this month, Moore alleged her co-star is a “bully” with “very few friends on the show.”

Leakes has yet to respond to Moore, but she did upload a curious pink flyer on Instagram nearly a week after her co-star spoke to the celebrity gossip site.

“You don’t want to know the truth! If you did, you would close your mouth and open your ears,” it read.

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