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‘She Don’t F–k Around’: Chrissy Lampkin Seemingly Checks Yandy In Extended ‘LHHNY’ Trailer and Fans React

As the new season of “Love and Hip Hop: New York” returns next month, viewers will get a chance to witness old beefs resurface.

It was reported earlier this year that Chrissy Lampkin and her longtime fiancé, rapper Jim Jones, are returning for the show’s 10th season after leaving the franchise in 2012. As the couple make their grand return, it seems they’ve encountered a few of their old foes.

Lampkin could really shake things up for fellow co-star Yandy Smith-Harris, who was Jones’ publicist years ago. Lampkin accused Smith-Harris of trading in her publicist hat for a spot on reality TV, neglecting her PR duties. Their eight-year beef will come to a head when both ladies come face to face this season after apparently going years without speaking.

In “LHHNY’s” recent extended trailer, a scene shows Smith-Harris apparently pointing her finger and yelling at Lampkin, “This is not for you!” In response, Lampkin defiantly laughed and shouted, “You gon’ stop talking to me like that.”

LHHNY” viewers seemingly sided with Lampkin in her feud with Smith-Harris and urged the publicist to “run for the hills.”

Chrissy Lampkin
Chrissy Lampkin (left) and Yandy Smith-Harris (right). (Photos: @chrissylampkin/instagram, VH1 screen grab)

“I respect Chrissys gangsta man lmfao she don’t f–k around. Yandy betta run and take cover 😭😭 !”

“Now yan .. yandi.. you better slow tf down now. About time Chrissy came back yandy getting checked”

“Yesss Chrisssssssssy baaaaaaaaaaack👏 she about to humble Yandy and I’m here for it!!!! Tell her stf down asap”

“I love Yandy and what she represents… But she better chill with Chrissy… We all know Chrissy whoops ass 😪”

The lineup for the 10th season of “LHHNY” includes Lampkin, Jones, Vanderhee, Yandy Smith-HarrisRemy Ma and her husband Papoose, Joe Budden and ex-fiancée Cyn SantanaErica Mena and her husband Safaree SamuelsTahiry Jose and a few others.

In September, amid filming for season 10, TMZ reported that tensions on the set were running high and claimed that viewers can more than likely expect a “throwdown” between a few cast mates on the show this season.

The “LHHNY” season is scheduled to premiere on VH1, Monday, Dec. 16, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

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