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‘Papa Russ Is Tired!’: Ciara’s Hubby’s Shocking Appearance Derails ‘Black Excellence’ Family Photo

A photo of the Wilsons chilling on a private jet has caught the attention of fans over Ciara’s Seattle Seahawks quarterback husband’s extreme appearance.

Ciara, Russell Wilson and their daughter Sienna along with Ciara’s son Future posed with one another on a flight Sunday as they wore matching soccer jerseys for the Seattle Sounders, of whom Ciara and Wilson are team owners.

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“Happy Sunday ❤️. #Family,” read the simple caption of the Nov. 17 photo.

The image initially resulted in an outpouring of remarks supporting the family bonding time 40,000 feet in the air.

“Such a happy, loving family❤️”

“Black Excellence 100%😍😍”

“Hope to have a family like this one day”

“Words cant Express how much i love these people…I’ll just sit here n smile thru it.”

But then, fans couldn’t help but remark about Wilson’s especially tousled hair.

(From left) Sienna, Ciara, Future and Russell Wilson. (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

“Such a beautiful family and Russ’ hair is something else 😂”

“So cute ❤️ Papa Russ is tired! 😂”

“Honey Russell be in rare form and I love it…They’re candid and original and not all dolled up for social media. ❤️❤️❤️”

“ya’ll look comfortable as hell.”

Despite fans adoringly pointing out Wilson’s more relaxed appearance, the athlete hasn’t always been shown love when his hair is styled. Many fans begged him to ditch cornrows back in October.

“I hate your hair braided! Let’s the curls flow!”

“Don’t you braid his hair again, CiCi. 🤣🤣 #couplegoals”

But no matter what state his hair is in, the NFL’s highest-paid player has shown he knows how to clean up nicely. Known to wear a dapper suit to events like the ESPYS with his wife, Wilson has taken that a step further with the launch of his own clothing line, Good Man Brand.

“We wanted to create a modern, classic, fashionable brand that’s aspirational,” he told GQ of his fashion brand in May. “We make amazing clothes with great fabrics, but ultimately, we’re trying to inspire a generation. What does a good man do? I think about my dad. I looked up to him because he was dedicated, he worked extremely hard, he served and gave back. So anytime anybody buys a jacket, a pair of pants, or whatever it may be, we donate three percent of those proceeds to the Why Not You Foundation.” The organization was founded by Wilson in 2014 to inspire youth to become leaders.

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