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‘You Looking Just Like Traci’: Tamar Braxton Once Again Channels an Older Sister

Tamar Braxton recently went back home to Maryland for a set of concerts and her self-described hometown-inspired look has fans marveling over her resemblance to sister Traci Braxton.

The “Love & War” singer had two shows at the Bethesda Blues and Supper Club Nov. 15-16. But while in town, she rocked an asymmetrical haircut and a jacket that she told fans in a brief Instagram video was “DMV-inspired.”

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“Comin around the corner in the Nova!!” she said and wrote in the caption of the Tuesday, Nov. 19 footage.

It wasn’t long, however, until fans began to rave about how much the youngest Braxton sibling resembled big sis Traci.

“You look like Traci ❤️”

“Yes just like her!” someone else replied, agreeing.

“Gurl you looking just like tracie 😍😍”

“Thought this was Traci”

“looking just like Tracy!”

“Traci’s Twin❤”

tamar braxton
Traci Braxton (left) and Tamar Braxton (right). (Photos: Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images for Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

This is not the first time a short hairstyle led Tamar’s fans to mix her up with one of her fellow singer older sisters.

Last week, as Tamar stepped outside in Bethesda, Maryland, in a fur coat with a similar asymmetrical haircut and bold red lips. Many fans felt the resemblance was uncanny.

“Beautiful looking like Toni”

“Come on Toni face 😍

“You giving me your big sister vibes. Come on Tamar!!!”

“Looking like just like Toni in this vid! 😍”

Tamar may look like her siblings, but she’s firmly shown she’s her own person. While she’s been on a journey to become a better woman over the last few years, things came to a head this fall when she visited “The Wendy Williams Show.”

“I can’t live like this because I gotta feel physically amazing to be mentally amazing and I’m not there,” Braxton said in September of wanting to make a change in her life. “So what I have challenged myself to do and what I wanna challenge everybody else who has the same feeling as I do, is I started this 30-day transformation. … I wanna feel amazing and I wanna feel amazing about myself no matter what. … Why can’t I fall in love with my body, why can’t I fall in love with my mind? … I really did tap into myself and I challenged myself to become my best self.”

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