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‘Girl Just Say Come Back’: Moniece Slaughter Says She’s Going to Sue Lil Fizz, and Folks Says It’s Because She Still Wants Him

On the heels of Moniece Slaughter being encouraged to fight Apryl Jones, after Jones said she’d “whup” her, she may have another fight on her hands.

Because on Tuesday, Slaughter brought up the video to her ex Lil Fizz‘s 2015 single “Good Lotion,” which she appeared in. The 32-year-old said she made the video good by being in it and should be compensated as a result. To date, the clip has over 4 million views since being posted on YouTube four years ago.

Slaughter also said she had bags under her eyes in those visuals.

“I think I’m going to sue my baby daddy for my role in the ‘Good Lotion’ video,” she wrote on Instagram Live. “I mean it only did what it did cuz I made an appearance. Lol. Well. And the bags under my eyes. So I think I should get triple my day rate. @daylana88 can we look into this please @waltermosley I need one of you to figure out how to recoup my coins. #imserious.”

People discussed Slaughter’s post amongst themselves on social media afterward, and some said it has to do with her still wanting Lil Fizz, whom she shares a son with.

Moniece Slaughter (left) says she may sue her ex Lil Fizz (right) over payments from an old music video she’s in with Fizz. (Photos: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images, Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Right now, Fizz is dating Jones, who used to be with Fizz’s B2K group member Omarion Grandberry and shares two kids with him. But when recently asked, Grandberry said he didn’t “feel any way about” Jones dating Fizz and that Jones should do whatever makes her happy.

“Girl just say come back in my life so I can have you 😩😂😂 cuz girl [you] talk about him more then ya kid 😩🤦🏻‍♀️,” someone wrote on Instagram about Slaughter’s potential lawsuit against Fizz.

“Fizz just needs to marry her bc she’s gonna keep popping up in his life,” another person chimed in. 

But at least one person said Slaughter has every right to seek payment for the “Good Lotion” video.

“She’s right tho. Moniece is the real artist,🔥” that person wrote.

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