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‘She’s Not Like Dutch’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Jump to Miss Kitty’s Defense After Ceaser Seemingly Compares Her to Ex Dutchess

It looks like “Black Ink Crew” viewers are taking side in Ceaser Emanuel‘s lovers’ quarrel with Miss Kitty.

Last week, folks witnessed an explosive argument between Emanuel and Kitty after the boss owner “disrespected” and fired her. Emanuel was upset that Kitty allegedly slept with his ally and “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry. For those whom don’t know, Kitty and Emanuel have dated off and on for years and, according to their co-star Donna Lombardi, the pair are still sexually involved.

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On this week’s teaser for Wednesday night’s episode, the “Black Ink” shop owner seemingly admitted he “had feelings” for Kitty, but he doubled down on his statements after comparing the brand ambassador to his ex-girlfriend Dutchess Lattimore.

“She reminds me too much of that other person,” Emanuel said of Kitty when one of his employees asked if he loved her. Sky Days, who accused Kitty of having an affair with Henry, claimed Emanuel was scared to love again after his ex Lattimore apparently “embarrassed” him.

Miss Kitty
Dutchess Lattimore and Ceaser Emanuel (left), Miss Kitty (right). (Photos: @ceaser/Instagram, VH1 screen grab)

Black Ink Crew” viewers felt Days and Emanuel were both wrong for comparing Kitty to the “Black Ink” actor’s ex.

“How can he compare kitty to duchess. She’s not like Dutch 🤔! When you watch the old shows she was so manipulative and kitty is nothing like her”

“I believe he needs to completely close that old chapter with Dutch and move on from there. Kitty is no douches f–k that hoe!”

“If kit slept with Ryan that’s their business. Ceaser wasted time as he does. Kitty is nothing like Dutchess!  She’s not manipulative or controlling 💁‍♀️ “

“Kit ain’t shit like dutchess if anything she better 😭 what the hell they talking about”

Emanuel and Lattimore called it quits two seasons ago after the Pretty-n-Ink owner accused Emanuel of having an affair with another woman. Since then the pair have had bad blood between them. She even accused him and the other “Black Ink” co-stars of trying to use her name for ratings.

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