‘I’m Custom Made’: Quad Webb Claps Back at Fan Who Wonders About How Realistic Her Booty Is


Quad Webb recently shared a sultry jeans-clad look to her Instagram page that left fans in awe. But she was forced to clap back at an apparent naysayer in the process.

The star of “Married to Medicine” shared the casual pic with her fans on Nov. 6. Wearing a white tank top and high-waisted, dark-wash jeans, the star posed with one arm against a gold-colored bar as she stared sensually into the camera. Her long, black hair cascaded in waves down her shoulders.

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“Got ’em saying, damn what’s her name? 👀 💕” read the reality TV star’s photo caption.

Immediately, fans reacted by singing Miss Quad’s praises.

“My bew thang!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ She fine in real lifeeeee😘😘”

“Come through Ms. Quad”

“❤️take them down ms Quad you look fabulous and hot.”

Quad Webb
Quad Webb. (Photo: @absolutelyquad)

However, an Instagram user who seemed to mean her response as a compliment resulted in Quad snipping back.

“Idc if U got your butt done, you still carry yourself like a lady and for that you have my support 🙌” the commenter said.

“@sweetlady_vee I don’t know why @dr_heavenly said that BS. I’m custom made how God intended. PERIOD 🙌🏾” Quad replied.

quad webb
(Photo: @absolutelyquad)

The Webb’s response stems from a dig Dr. Heavenly made in a confessional scene during episode 9 of season 7 while discussing Dr. Simone Whitmore’s rear end.

“Simone has no ass,” Heavenly says. “I mean, she could benefit from taking a little ass from other people. She could have added ass like Quad!

After the scene cut to Quad dancing around in a skimpy Carnival costume for her birthday celebration in 2016, Heavenly resumed her confessional.

“Quad ain’t bought no ass. That’s her own ass,” she added hesitantly before rolling one of her eyes around as if to indicate she was being sarcastic. “Simone could buy her some ass, OK?”

Regardless of what Heavenly has to say about Quad’s figure, the newly divorced star has no issues showing it off. In October, the “Sister Circle” host ventured to Viñales, Cuba, and posed with the scenic backdrop of the valley behind her. Wearing a sports bra, skin-tight leggings and tennis shoes, Miss Quad’s curves were firmly on display.

And fans ate it up.

“😘😍😍😍😍I love me sum🍫🍫 Ms.Quadd😘😘”

“Stella got her groove back I’m trying to be your Quincy 😂”

“Go ahead Lady! Looking good Ms. Quad”

quad webb
Quad Webb. (Photo: @absolutelyquad)
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