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‘He Butt Hurt’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Blast Teddy Ruks for Getting Jealous of Tati’s New Relationship

It looks like “Black Ink Crew” star Teddy Ruks may still harbor feelings for his ex-girlfriend Tati, although he doesn’t know how to quite express them.

On this week’s episode, the two exes went toe-to-toe after Ruks found out about his ex-girlfriend’s relationship with another shop employee. For those who don’t know, Ruks, the store manager, and Tati, the human resources assistant, dated for a few months last season and even teased the idea of marriage. They apparently broke up somewhere down the line after Ruks got fed up with Tati’s trust issues. Not to mention he also was caught flirting with other women in the shop during the course of their relationship.

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Teddy Ruks
Teddy Ruks and Tati. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

Tati has since moved on with her love life and found happiness with a tattoo artist who works at a different “Black Ink” location than she’s stationed at. Although the couple tried to keep their “love” on the low, Ruks eventually found out about it and took issue with his ex-girlfriend’s new boo.

The shop manager went to the Black Ink location where Jemz, Tati’s boyfriend, works and confronted him about their relationship. Tati found out about Ruks’ interaction with her boyfriend at a staff dinner and that’s when “all hell” broke loose.

“He went to my shorty to talk s–t,” Tati told the crew. “I never did that to you. … He’s (Ruks) basic and predictable, that’s what he does.”

Ruks, who was clearly upset, fired back at his ex, “I went to you n–g and I told him to stop f–king playing with me. When I ever been a play bear? Stop playing with me. … Get the f–k outta here.”

Restrained by security, Tati threw her shoes at Ruks and yelled, “He needs to mind his f–king business. B–tch f–k you!”

Black Ink Crew” viewers sided with Tati’s explosive behavior towards Ruks and slammed the store manager for his “jealous” actions.

“She dramatic but has right to be upset. Ted salty for even saying anything to her dude. He super butt hurt 🙆🏾‍♀️”

“Teddy did her dirty and now his ole jealous ass is mad that she moved on. Fuck outta here! He does whatever tf he wants then when he gets confronted he just fires people because he believes he can”

“Tati is 💯 right. Teddy needs to mind his motherf–king business and move on!! He jealous but messes with everybody new to the shop. He was just messing with the London girl..”

“Teddy get on my nerves! He smash whoever he wants, downs tati but now he crying 😂 omgggg this dude’s a CORNBALL! Throw him away.”

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