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Report Claims Ray J Is Lobbying Trump to Pardon Suge Knight, Which the President Could Not Do Even If He Wanted To

A little over two weeks ago, it was reported that Ray J would be handling any work that fell under Death Row Records while its founder Suge Knight was in prison.

Knight accepted a 28-year plea deal in 2018 for killing Terry Carter and causing injury to Cle Sloan three years prior on the “Straight Outta Compton” film set.

Ray J (left) supposedly is trying to get Donald Trump (right) to pardon Suge Knight (center), an effort that would be pointless, as Knight is serving a sentence for state crimes, while the president can only pardon federal crimes. (Photos: Prince Williams/ WireImage via Getty Images, David Buchan/Getty images Entertainment via Getty Images, Drew Angerer/Getty Images News via Getty Images)

It’s now being reported by the Daily Mail that Ray J has been in talks with Donald Trump‘s administration to grant Knight a pardon, because he said the former record executive is fully rehabilitated and won’t commit any more crimes. This claim is almost certainly spurious, as Knight was convicted of a state crime, while the president only has the power to pardon federal crimes.

A source of the U.K. paper said the “Sexy Can I” singer was inspired by Kim Kardashian helping to free Alice Johnson, who was released from prison after serving 21 years on a drug trafficking conviction.

“Ray J is very competitive and always has been,” said the insider. “He saw what Kim was able to do with her work in the criminal justice system with the Trump administration, and he is determined to show he can do the same.”

The report also states that Ray J was invited by the administration to join Trump on Air Force One when he was heading to political rallies in Lake Charles, La. and Dallas, Texas earlier this month. But a scheduling conflict has kept that from happening.

But having a lot on his plate may not be the only reason the 38-year-old hasn’t met with Trump, because he’s been advised by his team not to do it.

“The people around Ray J keep telling him that the fallout with African Americans for meeting with Trump could be catastrophic to his career. Especially if he shows up at a political rally,” said the outlet’s supposed insider.

Ray J has denied the Daily Mail report, however, and blasted the publication on Instagram.

“Look, Daily Mail, I never had a problem with y’all,” he said on video. “But y’all need to call my team and get stuff confirmed before you just put up any story on y’all site. It’s false, it’s not true … and it’s corny.”

Why can’t we discuss the businesses that we’re involved with,” Ray J continued. “Why can’t we talk about pushing the narrative for Raycon Global and how we’re trying to be a positive impact in the tech industry?”

The Source reports that Ray J’s ScootEbike is projected to make over $200 million in 2020. The West Coast native entered into an asset purchase agreement with LOOPShare earlier this year for $34 million and 18 million common shares of the company.

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