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Huh? Incarcerated Suge Knight Taps Ray J and Nick Cannon To Handle Death Row Records and Book Deal

Suge Knight is currently locked up at California’s Richard Donovan Correctional Facility, after taking a 28-year plea deal last year. Now he’s made arrangements to have money waiting for him upon his release, and to make sure his family is taken care of too.

On Monday TMZ reported that Knight signed over the rights to his life story to Ray J in hopes the reality star will get top dollar for TV, film, books and other projects.

Since his younger days, Ray J has made the transition from being Brandy Norwood‘s little brother to having an established career as an entertainer, to becoming a successful businessman. Plus, he and Knight have reportedly been friends for a long period of time, which is said to be the reason Knight trusts him.

But after those initial reports surfaced, The Blast released information from a recorded statement made by the former music executive, and he shot down the reports about signing over his life story to Ray J.

Knight clarified that Ray J will handle everything that falls under Death Row Records, the label Knight created in the early ’90s. And Ray J will be in charge of all future releases as well.

And Knight said his fiancée Toi-Lin Kelly has power of attorney and will work on securing the movie, TV and documentary deals. She’s also in charge of Knight’s medical decisions.

“Ray J is the little brother and family,” said Knight.

All of this comes after the “Sexy Can I” singer sold his Scoot-E-Bike company to the Canadian company LOOPShare for a seven-figure amount earlier this year.

In August, it was reported that Ray J signed on to be the chief strategic media officer for, a cannabis crowdfunding company that will pay him $1 million a year.

According to an insider, a documentary on Knight’s life is already in the works and so is a separate project on Tupac Shakur.

Knight also said Nick Cannon will take charge of the book on his life, and he called Cannon “The most realest guy in the business today.” And he feels the Power 106 host will do a stellar job of getting the book completed.

Cannon and Ray J have been silent about all of this so far, but Kelly released a statement.

“As Suge’s power of attorney, I am currently and actively engaged in negotiations in regards to Suge’s movie projects, documentary, and television series projects, and working with Nick Cannon in regards to Suge’s book,” she stated.

“Those involved know who they are and are directly in communication with me daily. We’d respectfully ask those creating confusion and recklessly stating otherwise to please refrain from doing so moving forward.”

Knight was facing a life sentence when he was accused of killing businessman Terry Carter in Compton, California, in January 2015 by running him over with a vehicle.

Knight eventually pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter, after he was charged with murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run.

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