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‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Miss Kitty Takes the High Road After Crystal and Her New Jaw Bring the Drama: ‘All That Surgery … And She’s Still Ugly’

On this week’s episode of “Black Ink Crew,” things got pretty spicy between Ceaser Emanuel‘s baby mama Crystal and his assistant Miss Kitty.

Their beef continues to heat up with Crystal accusing the brand ambassador of trying to “f–k her way to the top” and into her ex Ceasar’s heart.

Ceaser Emanuel

(L) Crystal and (R) Miss Kitty. (Photo: @vh1 screengrabs_

Crystal, who recently debuted her new face after undergoing a successful jaw surgery, was anxious about showing off her new look during a launch party for Caesar’s new shop in Brooklyn. She announced plans to go under the knife earlier this season, explaining that she’d lost her confidence after she and the “Black Ink” boss broke up years ago, following the birth of the couple’s now teen daughter, Cheyenne.

“It’s so many people in there!” she said before mustering up the courage to walk into the party.

She kept her eye on Ceaser, who she confessed to still having feelings for. She was dying to impress him but accused Miss Kitty of blocking Ceaser’s feelings toward her. Moreover, she blamed her former friend for trying to  wedge her way in between she and her ex.

In a rant to resident stylist Q, Crystal slammed Miss Kitty as a “tramp” assistant trying to break up her family by sleeping her way to the top, adding: “I don’t think she has any of our best interests at heart.”

It wasn’t long before Miss Kitty caught wind of the unkind words from Crystal, who she painted as an insecure woman upset that “her baby father wants me.”

“I don’t have time for any of this,” Kitty continued. “If she’s got all this sh*t to say about me and … about a man who’s said on numerous occasions that he doesn’t want her — which has nothing to do with me, by the way. That’s her own in security that she has to work out within herself.”

Their fracas, which played out at the launch party, had fans sounding off online.

I think she should just leave kitty Alone an enjoy her new jaw or whatever,” one viewer said of Crystal. “I don’t get what her issue is with kitty tho I’m lost cus this came outta nowhere.”

“Why Crystal gotta be starting something?????,” another chimed in.

One fan said, “All that surgery Krystal had and she is still ugly because of her ways and attitude.”

Miss Kitty agreed, comparing her ex-friend’s new look to her pet Pomeranian.

Watch more in the clip below.

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