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‘Beat That Ass Kit!’: Black Ink Crew Fans Cheer on Miss Kitty Amid Her Beef With Ceaser’s Ex-Girlfriend

It looks like the drama continues between “Black Ink Crew‘s” Miss Kitty and the mother of Ceaser Emanuels daughter, Crystal.

Earlier this week, a teaser for this week’s episode showed Kitty and Crystal getting into a heated altercation, and now fans know why.

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Crystal, the mother of Emanuel’s teenage daughter Cheyenne, confessed that she still had feelings for the “Black Ink” owner. She even showed up to his launch party for his new Brooklyn shop and revealed her new looks since her plastic surgery operation, which Emanuel didn’t know how to react to.

During the Oct. 30 episode, Crystal insinuated to Q, one of Emanuel’s employees, that Kitty was standing in her way of getting back with the shop owner. She claimed the “Black Ink” ambassador was trying to sleep her way to the top of the shop and added that she doesn’t “trust” her.

Ceaser Emanuel
(From left) Miss Kitty, Crystal, and Ceaser Emanuel. (Photo: VH1 screen grabs)

Crystal’s nasty remarks eventually got back to Kitty, and the Washington, D.C., native wasn’t having it.

“You just mad cause your baby father want me,” Kitty said in her confessional. “If she got all this s–t to say about me and she feels so strongly about … a man who said on numerous occasions that [he] don’t want her — which has nothing to do with me, by the way — like, that’s her own insecurities.”

To make matters worse, Crystal tried to have a friendly conversation with Kitty despite gossiping about her, which led to a confrontation between the two ladies. Kitty refused to talk to Crystal and decided to leave the event but was chased by Crystal in the long hall.

Black Ink” viewers felt Crystal was wrong for talking smack about Kitty and encouraged the brand ambassador to give Emanuel’s ex an old-fashioned beatdown.

“Looking like Smokey Sister” 😂😂😂 Crystal really there is nothing you & Kitty need to talk about. Nothing at all, she is doing way too much. Leave pretty Kitty alone, clearly, she is still insecure and Ceas don’t want her.”

“Beat that ass Kitty DC style! Kitty is 💯 right. I think Crystal is completely jealous of Kitty and Ceaser friendship. She’s just speaking the facts!!”

“By the way Props to Ms.Kitty for walking away from a fight with Crystal. Cease don’t even want her. She pressed for nothing.”

“Please snatch her up Kitty! Crystal need to calm tf down just because she got some surgery literally like yesterday she think she all that. Omg so embarrassing for her.”

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