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‘Definitely Not Embarrassed’: Mariah Huq Shares Her ‘Truth and Testimony’ About How Production Portrays Her

Sunday night’s episode of “Married to Medicine” saw Dr. Contessa Metcalfe throw a party for her children after she had been away at school.

The occupational and preventative medicine MD threw a Metcalfe Carnival-themed birthday bash for her children, whom she said she felt guilty about leaving during her brief stint in Nashville to obtain a degree in public health. But when Mariah Huq arrived, she did not bring her children with her.

“There’s a lot of kids, so I’m confused,” she said as she greeted her cast mates, noting she left her children at home. “You know mine ain’t this young anymore.”

Taking to Instagram the following day, Huq explained further why her teenagers, daughter Lauren and son Ethan, were MIA.

“Sending much love and admiration to my reasons & The reasons why I created #MarriedtoMed #marriedtomedicine Guess they have to much sauce they don’t want you to see on the show!🧛🏽‍♀️🤐 Meanwhile, this was yesterday Dr Lauren learning to drive & Pilot Ethan is out here flying planes in aviation school. #IncredibleHuqs #HuqOuttaHere #Inclusion #InclusionMatters #BlackadeshiLife,” wrote Huq on Instagram Monday, Nov. 4.

mariah huq
Mariah Huq’s daughter Lauren and son Ethan learn how to drive and fly, respectively. (Photo: @iluvmariah/Instagram)

Huq, who created and serves as an executive producer on the show, got major backing from her followers for what she’s focusing on and how she’s raising her children.

“Awesome @iluvmariah . Ethan learning to fly so early is such a wonderful thing. Blessings to both of your children. #PilotsRock 😉 ✈.”

“So proud of those human beings. You set an amazing example @iluvmariah 💜”

“Impressive❤️your such a great mother and role model.. in spite of how they try to portray you,on your own created show👑”

And it’s Huq’s depiction on the show that led one fan to share Huq ought to stop bragging about her EP status.

“I love you to pieces queen, but I would be embarrassed to keep throwing around the EP title because your lack of power is painfully evident by production’s obvious bias and the cast’s lack of respect for you. The show has gotten exhausting to watch with all of the disrespect and y reprimanded bullying you’ve had to endure. Keep making them jealous girl,” the comment read.

But Huq remained firm. She shot back, “@recessi0nista i’m not throwing anything around I’m sharing my truth & my testimony. I’m definitely not embarrassed maybe a bit disappointed, but definitely not embarrassed. Women all over the world have had to face similar challenges & endure the same disparging treatment. Especially when we create our own and attempt to break the glass ceiling. I’m adamant about sharing my story of faith & fortitude and NOT allowing anyone to rewrite history or create a false narrative about me & my family. Thank you for sharing your perspective I truly appreciate hearing it.”

On the show, Huq has been accused of using cocaine, something she’s fiercely denied. She even went so far as to take a drug test to disprove the allegations, which Quad Webb hurled during the season 6 reunion. All the while, Huq has remained clear that she won’t tolerate any slander when it comes to her as it affects her family, too.

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