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‘I Like Being Thickems’: Tamar Braxton Exclaims She’s Over Getting Fit, Fans Second That Emotion

More than a month after Tamar Braxton announced her plans to lose weight, it seems the singer has had enough.

Tweeting her apparent exasperation with her fitness journey Wednesday, Braxton said, “I hate everybody skinner than me🙄🤣”

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The post had many of her fans relating. They shared their support for remaining curvy rather than slimming down.

“Nah sis, Thick is LLLIIIFFFFFEEEEE!!!! 😋😋😋😛 @TamarBraxtonHer”

“Welcome to the non skinnies world ms Tamar!”

“Nah Tay I like being thickems !!”

“Lol we love you sis! But some of us are trying to get thick out here 🤦🏾‍♀️”

Braxton announced on “The Wendy Williams Show” in September that she was embarking on a journey to not only transform her body but her mind as well.

“It’s my last day wearing my Spanx for life, period. I’m done,” she said. “My stomach is having several seats on my lap. I can’t live like this because I gotta feel physically amazing to be mentally amazing and I’m not there.

“I started this 30-day transformation with this 30-day transformation team,” she added of the journey that later changed to a 60-day effort. “Under my clothes, I wanna feel amazing and I wanna feel amazing about myself no matter what … Why can’t I fall in love with my body, why can’t I fall in love with my mind? … I really did tap into myself and I challenged myself to become my best self.”

Braxton seemed to be doing well in her quest. Even when she took a weekend getaway with her boyfriend David Adefeso late in September, she dined on salad and salmon.

During that same trip, she showed off her bikini-ready body as she ran toward her beau. Her belly appeared practically flat as she frolicked on the beach.

Fans applauded her figure.

“Ok slim thickness”

“Can I play this in slow motion! Damn Tamar fine!”

But things briefly took a turn when they noticed a mukbang video the reality star was featured in with YouTuber Bethany “Bloves” Gaskin and Braxton’s pal James Wright Chanel. In the footage, the three gorged on crab legs, shrimp, mussels, corn and lobsters.

“I thought you was on a diet sis!!!..🤔 🤣🤣🤣 #Bonappetit 🍤🦀🦐”

“I thought u we’re changing your way of eating?🙄🤔”

But there were several fans who stepped up to defend Braxton rather than shame her.

“Did you read her post all the way to the hash tag??? She clearly says this was BEFORE her transformation!!!!!!”

“SHE CAN HAVE SOME SEAFOOD DANG. It’s her body, she can say something then, and change later on. Gosh let her be.”

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