‘Chill Out’: Tamar Braxton’s Seafood Mukbang Goes Left When Fans Question Her About This

A poorly timed seafood mukbang has put Tamar Braxton in the crosshairs of some critical fans.

The singer announced last week that she was planning on embarking on a 30-day transformation to lose weight and get in shape. But when she uploaded a video to her Instagram account feasting on seafood, fans were left confused.

“All my eating dreams came true with @bloveslife2 & @jameswrightchanel — @iamcardib sis you are next!! That sauce is amazing! Watch the full video on YouTube( this was shot BEFORE my #transformation),” Braxton wrote in the caption of the Sept. 22 footage with famed seafood boil queen YouTuber Bethany Gaskin and Braxton’s pal James Wright Chanel.

In the 32-minute video, Braxton and the crew chow down on shrimp, mussels, crab legs, lobster, corn, cucumbers and peppers, all dipped in Blove’s famous Smackalicious Sauce.

But despite the star’s disclaimer that the footage was taped ahead of her weight loss journey, fans still questioned her motives.

“I thought u we’re changing your way of eating?🙄🤔”

“Is this video old? Lol I thought we were doing our 30 day transformation. Welp if we doin a cheat day might as well do it right!!!”

“I thought you was on a diet sis!!!..🤔 🤣🤣🤣 #Bonappetit 🍤🦀🦐”

That led many to stick up for the star and reiterate that the footage was recorded well before Braxton announced her fitness journey on Instagram and “The Wendy Williams Show.”

“SHE CAN HAVE SOME SEAFOOD DANG. It’s her body, she can say something then, and change later on. Gosh let her be.”

“Did you read her post all the way to the hash tag??? She clearly says this was BEFORE her transformation!!!!!!”

“Everyone worried about Tamar’s way of eating like seriously chill out.. Let her do what she wants. It doesnt affect your life so shush it already.. its so annoying when people are so negative.. @tamarbraxton be blessed sis…”

Braxton’s critics are referring to the singer’s desire to improve her figure and health so that she can have a better state of mind.

“What I have challenged myself to do … is I started this 30-day transformation with this 30-day transformation team,” she explained to Wendy Williams on the host’s show Sept. 18. “Under my clothes, I wanna feel amazing and I wanna feel amazing about myself no matter what. … Why can’t I fall in love with my body, why can’t I fall in love with my mind? … I really did tap into myself and I challenged myself to become my best self.”

Still, the singer is finding it hard to give up the good tastes of seafood and other delectable meals. She posted a meme on Instagram Monday that read, “Why food great when I gotta lose weight or whatever Lizzo said.”

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