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‘Drive and Shut Your Mouth, N—-r’: Man Refuses to Pay and Spits on New York Bus Driver for Being Late, But The Driver Gets the Last Laugh

Video a witness recorded shows a man in a racist rant Tuesday around 8:30 p.m. on the B68 bus headed toward Bartel-Pritchard Square, according to the Bklyner.

The white man was forced to find another bus to get to his destination after refusing to pay the fare and repeatedly shouting the n-word at a New York bus driver.

The witness told the Brooklyn news site that the elderly man got on the bus, refused to pay because the bus was late and launched into his rant from his seat.

“Don’t f–k with me, you n—-r,” he reportedly said.

He told the driver to drive and lambasted the man for making him wait 45 minutes for the bus.

“You need to get out,” someone was heard telling the man in the video.

“Get the f–k out of here. You get out,” he responded. “Get out motherf—-r or drive and shut your mouth, n—-r.”

The video also showed the angry passenger shouting at a woman on the bus who defended the bus driver.

“F–k you. Sit down, you piece of shit,” he told the woman.

The driver, however, refused to move an inch and remained at a standstill with the passenger at Avenue J., “We’re going nowhere. He needs to get out.”

“Just shut your mouth and drive. I hope you’re not drinking today, f-cker,” the man said. “You’re wasting time, n—-r.”

“From this accident, you got no pension, nothing,” he added. “And you got no future in the fucking MTA. That’s it. You’re fired today. F-cker.”

The video showed the passenger sitting for just at least six minutes before finally grabbing his things and getting off the bus.

As he walked past the bus driver, the video showed him spitting on the man.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) said in a statement to the Bklyner that the agency referred the matter to the NYPD for a full investigation.

“This is abhorrent, racist, and violent behavior, and any crimes committed should result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law,” the transit agency said in its statement.

Attacks on bus drivers in New York’s transit system are far from unknown, with some cases seeing the MTA employees punched or even assaulted with a folding chair by angry or disturbed would-be bus riders.

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