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‘Some1 Call Omarion!’: Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz Confirm Relationship and Fans Blast Them for ‘Disloyalty’

It seems “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” stars Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz are catching quite a bad rep this season.

Over the show’s hiatus last year, reports claimed Jones and Fizz were dating and intimately involved with each other, although both reality TV stars denied the rumors. “LHHH” veteran and the mother of Fizz’s son Moniece Slaughter also claimed her “baby daddy” was in a relationship with Jones and they apparently moved in together with both of their kids.

Both Fizz and Jones continued to slap down all dating hearsay, claiming they were only “best friends” until recently. On the Oct. 21 episode, the pair shared an intense long kiss and revealed they were a couple. The “Bump Bump Bump” rapper took Jones out to dinner to apparently show his “appreciation” and “love” for the mother of two for consoling him after the loss of his grandmother.

Apryl Jones
Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz. (Photo: @omfgreality/Instagram)

During the scene, Jones confessed that she’d fallen “in love” with Fizz after he helped her through her hardships and said she didn’t give a “f–k” about what online critics had to say about their relationship. Fizz shared Jones’ sentiments and said he had a “clear view” of what he was “destined to have,” while motioning toward his supposed “bestie.”

Fizz then asked Jones if she would be his “girlfriend,” to which she nodded yes. The couple locked lips moments afterwards.

Their relationship is apparently an issue because Jones is the ex-girlfriend of Fizz’s B2K band mate Omarion Grandberry, whom she shares two children with. Not to mention Slaughter and Jones were apparently friends at one point in time when she was dating Grandberry and Slaughter was with Fizz.

Apryl Jones
Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz. (Photos: @aprylsjones/Instagram, @airfizzo/Instagram)

LHHH” viewers seemingly disapproved of the couple’s relationship, labeling them disloyal. Others disagreed.

“Wowwwwwww I’m actually disgusted 😕 they some disloyal mfs. SOME1 PLEASE CALL OMARION !!!! 😭 I ain’t with this”

“Yea I’ma just head out 🥴 Moniece was right the whole time they just lied about it for a storyline smh… With a kiss like that they been together for a long time.”

“Dating your friends baby mother is a big no no. How you explain to the kids that uncle fizz is now step daddy 🙄🙄🥴”

“Until Omarion come out & say why he left ima support this 😂😂. Love is love no matter wut”

“Sis just picked the wrong friend lol 🤣 dassit. I want them to be happy tho”

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