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‘Y’all Corny’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Artist Donna Lombardi Hits Back at Folks Blasting Her Misspelled Tattoo on Client

Black Ink Crew” star Donna Lombardi was met with criticism this weekend after a clip from last week’s episode showed her misspelling a client’s tattoo.

During the October 9 episode, Lombardi got into an argument with her boyfriend Alex Robinson after she brought up the idea of marriage. While, celebrating their one-year anniversary, the Ohio tattoo artist told Robinson that she wanted to be married by the two-year mark. He disagreed with Lombardi and said that marriage was just a “piece of paper.”

Shortly, after her explosive argument with Robinson, the episode showed the “Black Ink” artist working on a tattoo for a client. The young woman told Lombardi that she wanted the word “perseverance” tattooed across her back. Unfortunately, she misspelled it and inked “perserverence.”

Donna Lombardi
Donna Lombardi misspells client’s tattoo. (Photo: VH1 screen grab)

The show’s official Instagram page posted the clip of Lombardi’s mishap at work and she was instantly blasted for her tattooing mistake.

“I had a feelin’ She spelled it wrong, really couldn’t see it 😂 I’m not surprised she aint the smartest she thought you pay the irs every 4 years lmao”

“Dame, I high as hell watching this episode but I still notice that shit was spelled wrong!!! What a dummy!”

“I knew she was going to misspell it 🤣 I knew the word looked extra long lol omg would’ve been nice if spelled right”

Lombardi caught wind of the backlash she received and slammed fans for pointing out her spelling error. She claimed both she and her client spellchecked the word before she finished the tattoo.

“Y’all corny for pointing it out lol but we BOTH spell checked,” Lombardi responded. “I accept full responsibility and offered my client a cover up. Thanks #BlackInkCrew.”

Donna Lombardi
@vh1 screengrab

Some fans agreed with Lombardi’s sentiments, while others not so much.

“These people act as if they NEVER made a mistake… Because your a celebrity make you a joke. Naw s–t happens 🙄”

“@donnadadondada 🤣😂 how yall BOTH spell check & still misspell the word 🤦🏾 stuck on stupid”

“Black Ink” viewers also brought up Lombardi’s misunderstanding with the IRS. The reality star admitted this season that she hadn’t filed her taxes since 2014.

“I’m so confused,” Lombardi said in her confessional. “How am I supposed to know I have to pay taxes every year?”

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