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‘Is She Stupid?’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Skewer Donna Lombardi After She Claims She Doesn’t File Taxes

It looks “Black Ink Crew” star Donna Lombardi apparently put her foot in her mouth.

In a VH1 teaser for the Sept. 4 episode, the Ohio tattoo artist admitted that she hasn’t filed her taxes in years.

The “Black Ink” posse, along with their boss Ceaser Emanuel and co-worker Lombardi, got on the subject of the IRS and federal taxes. A confused Lombardi asked her colleagues if they were “supposed to file” their taxes every year.

Donna Lombardi
Ceaser Emanuel and Donna Lombardi. (Photos: @vh1/Instagram, @blackinkcrew/Instagram screenshot)

She added, “Taxes is not my everyday lingo.”

Dumbfounded, Emanuel blurted out, “What!” He then asked Lombardi, when was the last time she filed her taxes, to which she answered, “2014.”

“I’m so confused,” Lombardi said in her confessional. “How am I supposed to know I have to pay taxes every year?”

With a serious mug on his face, Emanuel told his tattoo artist that she needed an accountant or she could risk having her possessions taken from her by the IRS or even locked up.

“Listen tax season can either make or break mutherf–kers,” the “Black Ink” owner said in his confessional. “Donna need to get her s–t straight or she gone end up on cellblock five.”

“Black Ink Crew” viewers slammed Lombardi and her ignorance, saying it was foolish of her to admit her unlawful behavior on national television.

Donna Lombardi
Donna Lombardi. (VH1 screen grab)

“Is she dumb or stupid? Ummmm did you not go to school Donna? Did your parents not tell you? Did you just not give a damn? I hope this is one of those scripted scenes 🤦🏾‍♀️”

“How tf did Donna not know taxes had a to be paid every year please someone tell me she joking!!! And why would you admit that on national television. I can’t lawdt”

“What a dumb ass! I really hope she is pretending to be this dumb for her character on this show 🤔. Bc bless her heart, now the IRS for sure is coming to get their money. Y’all know hundreds of people are gonna report her their selves after watching.”

“Why would she say this on tv?? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Smfh education is key please teach your children about these things smfh.”

Others defended the “Black Ink” actress against critics.

“Everyone getting on Donna about not knowing but truth is half y’all was probably thinking the same thing lmao. Some people really just aren’t knowledgeable 🤷.”

“I love you @donnadadondada 😩🤣❣️😻 my boo really just ain’t know so leave her alone!”

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