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‘Can Someone Explain?’: Porsha Williams’ Fans Question Daughter’s Whereabouts After She and Fiancé Dennis McKinley Takeover Nursery

An impromptu photo shoot Porsha Williams and her fiancé Dennis McKinley conduced prompted questions from Williams’ fans due to the location the first-time parents chose for the image.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star explained on Instagram Tuesday that she and her man had been invited to attend the BET Hip Hop Awards over the weekend, but they failed to find outfits to wear on short notice.

porsha williams
Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinely in their daughter’s nursery. (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

“Ok funny story… so my fiancé and I were supposed to go to the BET awards but I couldn’t figure out how to put together a hip hop look in Versace late notice 🤦🏾‍♀️ *I’m lame lol… so since we didn’t go I was like lemme get boo a lil surprise gift (robe) and just so happen he was thinking the same thing lol ! So I run to give him his bag and he was like what?… and then he give me his (belt & shoes) lol great love minds think alike 💕👸🏾🤴🏾,” read Williams’ Oct. 8 Instagram caption.

Rocking matching gold and black Versace apparel, Williams and McKinley struck a pose in their 6-month-old daughter Pilar Jhena’s decked-out nursery.

Because of where the recently re-engaged couple chose to snap their photos, many fans were left wondering about where their daughter was when all of this took place.

“Where’s PJ in her Versace?”

“PJ want y’all out her room like y’all at Harry Studios 😂😂😂”

“Wait… PJ took the picture 😩”

“😍😍😍 I love y’all!!! Lol and don’t let PJ see y’all doing photoshoots in her room 😂😂😂”

One fan was confused by Porsha’s caption.

“I don’t understand why they needed to where Versace thou. Can someone explain? They couldn’t go wearing something else?”

A few months after PJ was born in March, Williams gave Bravo a tour of PJ’s nursery, which she described as “luxury, lounge-y, nursery — a little something for her, a little something for me.”

Williams said that she enlisted a New York-based nursery designer who specializes in using black in interior design to create PJ’s space.

“I wanted her to be down here so it doesn’t look like a it’s a boy’s room with the black and white,” Williams explained. “I wanted it to be with the black and white but still be really feminine and cute.”

Then the “RHOA” star addressed the primary focus of the room: Pilar’s crib, which is flanked by angel wings that served as her parents’ photo shoot location.

“These wings are just amazing,” she said. “She’s my little angel so when I saw these wings online I had to have them. I’m freakin’ obsessed with ’em.”

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