‘This is Just Bullsh—t’: Tami Roman Clears Up ‘the Lies’ About Her Involvement on ‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion, Fans Back Her Up

The season 7 reunion for “Basketball Wives” aired Wednesday night, and while the majority of the cast at least briefly showed up, Tami Roman was noticeably absent. And she’s now clearing the air about the circumstances surrounding her inclusion on stage.

Before the cast discussed the major plot lines of the last set of episodes, host Marc Lamont Hill explained to O.G. that she would have to be on a separate set from the rest of her castmates. O.G. outright refused and in an apparent attempt to smooth things over, Hill said, “Tami asked for a separate set so they want you on the same set as Tami.” It was set to be Roman, O.G. and Jackie Christie on one stage with Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Evelyn Lozada, Kristen Scott, Jennifer Williams, and Malaysia Pargo.

Roman ultimately did not appear at the reunion because of a medical emergency, which O’Neal told Lozada on stage was an allergic reaction.

Taking to Twitter as the show aired, Roman slammed the idea that she wanted to be on a stage apart from the majority of her castmates.

“Boy I’m seeing the lies & I wouldn’t comment but don’t include me in them. I did NOT request to be on a separate stage. I was TOLD that’s how it would be set up. However I didn’t attend anyway, but don’t lie on me to try & make your actions make sense #BBWLA #ImTired,” she tweeted.

Many fans backed up Roman and applauded her for clearing the air.

“That s–t crazy Tami I’m so disappointed where this show has gone but
@TamiRoman I wish you the best you did right by leaving.”

“I am glad you left and doing amazing things. I wouldn’t even worry about that bullswank.”

“oh we know,We know u don’t have a problem sitting there being grown and letting any chick have it that comes your way!!”


However, one Twitter user took the opportunity to bash the star, who walked away from the show this year after seven seasons of being involved.

“Tami we are so over you! If you don’t f–k with the collective, just go live your life. Your better than them now right? The say you passed the touch to horse face but she can never be the old Tami. This new chick named Tami, I don’t know.”

Roman didn’t miss a beat and promptly shot back.

“Honey I am not better than anyone & I WAS living my life on the west coast can’t even see the show, but ppl started texting me & telling me this LIE. I addressed it accordingly. Blessings 😏,” she said.

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