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‘Gone Mess Up the Bag:’ Is Lori Harvey Creeping Behind Diddy’s Back with Alexis Skyy’s Boyfriend Trouble?

Lori Harvey is being probed about her relationship with rapper Trouble.

Harvey, the step-daughter of comedian Steve Harvey, sparked cheating rumors this past weekend after Trouble posted two videos of her onto his Instagram page. One of the clips, apparently showed the rapper zooming in on the 22-year-old’s backside as she rocked his merchandise.

Lori Harvey
Lori Harvey. @troublete6/Instagram

“Due to da fact my homie @lori_harvey_ always minding her Business, its only right to kick pimpin in some 〽️〽️🅱️ merch!,” the “She a Winner” rap artist wrote in his caption, adding the hashtag “thugluv.”

Harvey is allegedly dating hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, 49, and Trouble is currently with girlfriend and reality TV star Alexis Skyy, therefore the pair’s dealings with each other caused quite a bit of a stir.

“Hmmmmm🤔 Now thiiiiis s–t could work!!” one person commented of Harvey allegedly cheating with Trouble. ” Y’all would balance each other out!!!💪🏽 Then she’s a NATURAL beauty!!!”

“She is an upgraded compare to Alexis. Trouble definitely got my vote for playa of the year ✊🏾”

“Damn Lori gone mess up the bag with Diddy she betta leave trouble alone. Ain’t he with Alexis?”

To add more fuel to the fire, an Instagram blog warned Diddy to “watch out” for Harvey’s apparent friendship with Trouble and slapped down their supposed “sis/bro” relationship, calling it a “coverup.” The blogger also insinuated that the pair had been messing around for nearly a year.

The young model has yet to respond to cheating rumors. Trouble on the other hand claimed the model was only showing him support for his clothing line, writing on October 5, “You’d think I lived in a dumpster wit all da trash & lies dey Been puttin on da skooB name lately..”

Lori Harvey
(L) Lori Harvey. photographer @bentaverniti_unravelproject (R) Trouble T and Alexis Skyy. @alexisskyy/Instagram

Skyy apparently threw shade at the Atlanta rapper in a recent Instagram post writing, “When you niggas get stupid, it’s plenty on deck.”

As for Harvey and Diddy, the pair have yet confirmed they are an item but they haven’t behaved as if they are just friends either. After they were initially spotted together at a Miami Reggae concert, the two were seen in July heading into the Nobu in Malibu, where many celebrities are photographed. They were also spotted in Atlanta together last month, partying it up at a strip club.

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