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‘Poor Tink Tink’: Dr. Heavenly Brushes Off Mariah Huq’s Criticism of Her Husband

Mariah Huq recently made remarks about her Married to Medicine” co-star Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ husband, but that didn’t seem to get under the dentist’s skin, according to her tweet.

On Sunday night’s episode of the Bravo reality show, the ladies attended an adult sip and paint party for Toya Bush-Harris’ birthday. Two young, nude, well-endowed male models posed for the ladies to paint them and at the end, one lifted Dr. Heavenly off the ground to her surprise.

“Aye, little boy! Aye, aye somebody get this baby!” she shouted. The model put her down and she returned to her seat before Huq cracked, “Hey, Heavenly! I took a picture of that!”

“That’s your receipt? You got a receipt?” Heavenly asked, to which Huq replied, “I’m joking.”

“I wonder how Daddy would feel if he saw a picture of Heavenly getting picked up by a naked man?” Huq said in her confessional scene of Heavenly’s husband Dr. Damon Kimes’ possible feelings. “Big shoulders, six pack, a penis he can still see and straight teeth.”

When the remark was brought to Heavenly’s attention on Twitter Oct. 6, she appeared largely unbothered.

“So Mariah took a jab at Damon’s weight and teeth in confessional. @Dr_Heavenly she is so jealous your husband doesn’t stray and holds his family down #Married2Med,” tweeted an account focusing on reality TV.

“I know. Poor tink tink. He cheated on her … so she wants all men to be cheaters! #married2med,” she said in response.

Heavenly’s comment refers to the admission Huq made on the show last year when she disclosed her husband, Aydin Huq was unfaithful.

“It’s OK to fight for your marriage,” she told Dr. Jackie Walters who was at a crossroads in her marriage when she learned her husband was having an affair. “You don’t owe no explanation to no f–king body. I’ve been where you are. Nobody’s exempt.”

While the admission came to Bush-Harris as a surprise, Huq reasoned in her season 5 confessional scene that “I don’t have a perfect marriage. We’ve been together for over a decade and we have had issues like everybody else. And infidelity has come up in my marriage just like everybody else. In the end, you just have to make a decision to fight for your marriage and try to make it better.”

Meanwhile, fans sided with Heavenly and defended Dr. Damon.

“I think Damon is a great guy and that you don’t never hear him say anything bad about no one he is about his family and career👏👏👏”

“Mariah betta leave Damon alone”

“Daddy is a good man”

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