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‘I am Going to Be a Different Type of Entertainer’: Tiffany Haddish Says She’s ‘Done Being an Open Book’

Tiffany Haddish had a major epiphany on Saturday, and it came after she watched a YouTube video titled “The 10 Things You Should Always Keep To Yourself.”

The video gives reasons why it’s important not to share things like your personal life, the goals you have or the good deeds you do. The narrator also breaks down why revealing certain things could be damaging.

“If you have big goals, it’s probably best not to share them with others,” he advised. “You’re also more likely to achieve them this way. … While you work hard to reach these goals, other people’s opinions might cause confusion and opinions are relative and different for everyone.”

And as far as revealing things about your personal life, the narrator advised against it because it could “open you up to judgment and criticism.”

It’s possible that Haddish related to the advice concerning her personal life. Because she was recently called a liar by the rapper Chingy after she told Ellen DeGeneres that she slept with him. Chingy said that Haddish actually slept with his brother instead.

The “Night School” star also talked about the split with her ex-husband William Stewart in her memoir “The Last Black Unicorn,” where she accused him of being physically abusive. Stewart has denied those allegations and sued Haddish for defamation, libel and slander last year.

“After watching this video I am going to be a different type of entertainer,” tweeted Haddish on Saturday. “I am done being a open book. Sorry world no more raw entertainment from me. But if you do me wrong everyone will know!”

“P.S. there are somethings that I might of said or did two weeks ago that might hit the fan,” she added. “But all truth so I am not tripping. That’s it I am no longer helping scrapes on my boots get rich. If you want to know what a scrape is to bad I am not telling you. Use your imagination.”

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After Haddish’s tweets, some congratulated her for changing, but others said they don’t want her to switch completely.

“Do whatever you want to do but still put/remain some Tiffany Haddish’s sense on it. Because I love it,” that person wrote.

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