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Jeezy Goes Into Sports Agent Business, Vows to Help NBA, NFL Athletes Acquire ‘Real Wealth’

Jeezy has officially gone into the sports business.

On Thursday the rapper made an announcement that he launched Sports99, an agency that reportedly will represent NFL and NBA players. Jeezy posted news about the venture to Instagram and said his interest in sports culture goes way back.

The rapper also said he started Sports99 to help athletes maximize their earnings potential, which is something he’s had to do for himself in the music business.

“I have learned through the trials and tribulations of my career what it’s like to have to co-manage yourself,” he wrote on Instagram. “I want to help athletes accumulate real wealth and life skills needed to invest in their future.”

“I’ve always been drawn to athlete culture and making music that motivates and inspires them and others,” added Jeezy. “Integrity and Forward-thinking they aren’t just [words] they are a lifestyle. I’m proud to announce @sports99official Sports management agency #Keepgoing ‼️”

The move comes at a time when Jeezy appears to be at the end of his music career. Because in August he dropped his album “TM104: The Legend of the Snowman,” which he said will be his last album on Def Jam, the label he’s been on since 2004.

And during an interview on “Sway in the Morning,” during his promotional run for the LP, The 41-year-old said he may have one more album left in him, but that’s it, and it won’t be on Def Jam.

On the business end, the Snowman recently announced that he partnered with Freddie Figgers, the founder of Figgers Communication, to launch a new cellphone. And the idea is to provide top-notch product for less money than what other phones cost. So Jeezy will probably still have much to do if he decides to walk away from music.

Plus, in January of last year, it was announced the rapper made a substantial amount of money when he and partner Ken Austin sold their remaining shares of the tequila Avión to the french spirits company Pernod Ricard.

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