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‘You Show Them’: Kenya Moore Applauded for Photo Proving Family With Hubby Marc Daly Is Still Intact

Kenya Moore effectively nixed rumors that her family has splintered by uploading a sweet photo of her husband Marc Daly with their 10-month-old daughter.

Moore, who has been plagued by a report claiming she feels as if she’s a single parent, uploaded an image to her Instagram page Saturday of Daly and Brooklyn, both sleeping with skin-to-skin contact. Marveling over her New York-based restaurateur spouse, she captioned the image “ZaddyDayCare.”

kenya moore
Brooklyn Daly (left) sleeps next to dad Marc Daly (right). (Photo: @thekenyamoore/Instagram)

Promptly, fans began oohing and ahhing over the Soco eatery owner’s physique.

“Chiiiiile! I’d have to put Brooklyn in her crib cause Momma got stuff to do. 😩”

“Lord I’ve seen what you’ve done for other people 😭”

“Zaddy is right! You are a lucky woman! And he is a lucky man!”

“I need him to babysit me fo real…he fiiiiine. Hey Brooklyn…hey Kenya🤣😍”

And others took notice of the post as proof that Moore and Daly are still a unit, despite what the rumor mill churns out.

“You show them all Kenya!!! Tabloids trying to make it seem like you and your husband are broke up. This beautiful pic shows how loving he is with your daughter and Im sure with you as well.”

“@peblistone she shut that down real quick 😂” another fan replied to the initial commenter.

“Kenya your family is beautiful! Whatever u do dont let Bravo or anyone else jepodize your family when it comes to them asking u to do some crazy crap for a story line. You have all that u ever wanted and please dont do anything to put any of that in harm’s way. The tabloids are already starting with the bull crap. Make sure your husband is good and always put your family first before they ask u to sell your soul to the devil.”

About two weeks ago, Radar Online reported that the returning “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s storyline this season will revolve around her feeling as if she is a single mom since her husband of two years lives and works in NYC while Moore resides in Atlanta.

“Kenya feels like she is doing all of the parenting in the relationship, and it is overwhelming for her,” a source told the gossip website Sept. 5. “She is really struggling being basically a single mom.”

Moore has not addressed the allegation, but it doesn’t seem as if there is a need — she’s letting her public appearances do the talking. With Daly and Brooklyn in tow, the “RHOA” and company were guests on “The Tamron Hall Show” Sept. 16 to discuss their quest to conceive their so-called miracle baby last year using in vitro fertilization. Additionally, Moore has announce she’s the ambassador for Baby Quest Foundation, which awards grants to families in search of help obtaining IVF.

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