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Say What? Lil’ Kim and Faith Evans May Be Going On Tour Together

After years of appearing to be archenemies, Lil’ Kim and Faith Evans are going on tour together.

It was something Evans revealed during a 25th anniversary celebration of her ex-husband The Notorious B.I.G.’s album “Ready to Die” coming out, which dropped Sept. 13, 1994.

“We about to do a tour together, yall,” said Evans on stage with Kim next to her. “We about to do a ‘First Ladies’ tour. I’m putting it out there in the universe.”

The R&B singer then passed the microphone to Kim.

“That’s my sister, y’all,” stated the Brooklyn rapper. “Y’all already know. The one thing we can count on was Biggie bringing us all together. Biggie is the love. When you think about love you think about our love, which is Biggie Christopher Wallace.”

“But it’s the truth,” Evans said afterward. “And he was such a great person … I’m blessed to be a part of Biggie’s life, to know him … Everyone out here tonight clearly has a respect for B.I.G.”

Over the years, it’s been well-documented that Biggie had an affair with Kim while he was married to Evans. And to say the two women didn’t have the best relationship at that time would be a huge understatement.

But they settled things in 2016 to go on Sean “Diddy” Combs‘ “Bad Boy Family Reunion” tour, and Kim hopped on Evans’ song “Lovin’ You For Life” in 2017 off the singer’s album “The King & I.”

People responded to the news of the tour with sheer excitement after seeing the clip.

“Yay I cant wait💕💕💕💕,” one person wrote.

“When I say I LOVE THEE F-K OUTA THIS. Don’t make me cry. Francis Frank White Wallace the 🐐 🖤” wrote another.

“I love how you all can put differences aside for a cause,” another person stated.

But according to Evans, she put aside those differences with Kim long ago, after Biggie was shot and killed in Los Angeles in March 1997.

“My issues with Kim really went out the window when B.I.G. passed, to be quite honest,” said Evans in 2017. “It’s something that people always kind of talk about, but it’s certainly nonexistent. Thankfully, now she’s in a different place where she can kind of receive how I was already feeling. It’s all good.”

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