‘You Inserted Yourself in Women Business’: Simone Whitmore’s Hubby Clears the Air About Dr. Heavenly Joke

As a new season of “Married to Medicine” continues to plow ahead, a remark Cecil Whitmore made last year continues to hover over the episodes.

Dr. Heavenly explained during the season 8 premiere that she feels the ladies’ husbands need to keep their noses out of the women’s matters, particularly taking issue with Dr. Simone Whitmore’s husband tweeting a joke about a clash between Mariah Huq and Heavenly last season.

“Yo’ house nasty! Pressure wash this motherf—er! You done set us all up for motherf–king contamination! This nasty ass house!” Huq shouted at Dr. Heavenly at her crab boil.

Cecil’s tweets led to an online clash between Heavenly and Dr. Whitmore’s husband, and as the premiere episode aired, Cecil went on to tweet several jokes about the matter.

“It is hilarious, the person with an after-show & an online radio show talking about everyone with about 50 followers on each, cant take me repeating one of @mariah funniest lines on Pressure Wash this 💩. #married2med,” one read.

“If you think I’m mad about someone saying for me to come pressure wash their house because I didn’t have a job… While I made more money than most folks on the show #severance #married2med #Married2Med. Me:” he tweeted, accompanied by a GIF of Dave Chappelle clinging to his money in a skit.

Heavenly later went on her after show and expounded on her issue with Cecil chiming in on matters among the “M2M” cast.

“My whole thang is, Cecil, if you don’t want somebody to give their opinion about you, leave my name out your mouth!” she said, stating she sees the new realtor as “someone who is broken.”

“The men have to stay out of women’s business, they just got to,” she added.

A fan appearing to catch up on the show tweeted about the clash Sunday, which led Cecil to clear the air on his account.

“Sooooo @CecilCWhitmore talking about @Dr_Heavenly ‘s house needing pressure washing and his wife didn’t even want to move back into the filth of their house with him… #Married2Med #MarriedToMed #marriedtomedicine,” the Twitter user said.

“Just for the record!!! I didn’t make the comment, i just repeated the comment @iluvmariah made at the 🦀 boil when we were live tweeting. Was that a funny jab, yes or no??? 🤷🏾‍♂️ @married2med,” Cecil replied.

Still, several fans poked holes in Cecil’s tweet.

“The problem you inserted yourself in women business..”

“The point is mind your business and stop 🛑 being a Mitch.”

“I believe it’s the fact that you inserted yourself into the conversation nt the fact that you repeated the comment”

After a fan implored Cecil not to repeat anything during Sunday night’s episode, he vowed that doing that is behind him.

“😹😹😹. I’m not repeating anymore jokes, no matter how funny that 💩is!! And I’m not answering anymore questions… #Married2Med,” he replied.

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