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‘Now That’s a B***h’: Dr. Heavenly Dishes on Which ‘Married to Medicine’ Hubby Deserves the Title

Following Sunday night’s premiere of “Married to Medicine,” Dr. Heavenly Kimes addressed the most talked-about scene, in which Dr. Contessa Metcalf proclaimed Toya Bush-Harris’ husband is a “big ass b—h.” But according to Dr. Heavenly, another “M2M” husband deserves that title.

During the season 7 premiere of the Bravo reality show, Dr. Simone Whitmore took issue with some tweets Heavenly made about her husband, Cecil, who tweeted in response to the dentist. Heavenly deemed his actions “some b—h s–t,” with which Bush-Harris disagreed.

Metcalf then clashed with Bush-Harris when the ladies mentioned the former newbie’s husband got “in Simone’s face” during a girl’s trip last season. That led Metcalf to ultimately shout, “Your husband is literally the definition of a big ass b—h!”

Yet in her weekly review of the series posted on YouTube Sept. 8, Heavenly said it’s not Bush-Harris’ husband Dr. Euguene Harris who is the HBIC. Rather, it’s Mariah Huq’s husband, Aydin Huq.

“If I had to say somebody was the biggest b—h, I think Contessa was wrong,” Heavenly said after noting she does not — or tries not to — call men the b-word, hasn’t done so to Cecil and believes men should stay out of women’s business. “It ain’t Eugene, it’s actually Aydin Huq. Aydin Huq was in the reunion and had a folder in his hand and said he had receipts and then he sat down by the man and ain’t said nothing.”

The receipts in question involved the ones Mariah teased in season 7 where she claimed to have proof that Heavenly’s hubby, Dr. Damon, had been unfaithful. The husbands appeared for a portion of the reunion and they nearly came to blows. Still, the receipts failed to reveal themselves.

“Now, if that’s a b—h — I’m not calling him a b—h, I’m not — I’m saying but if you gon’ it’s the biggest b—h — if I called a man a b—h, Aydin Huq would be it,” Heavenly says in her season 8 premiere review.

Neither Mariah nor Aydin Huq have responded to Heavenly’s assertion, but online, fans have sounded off.

“I agree with you 100% if any of the men is a B—h Aydin is the Queen B—h….” one fan said in part.

“Aydin Huq b#$@% looking face photo is funny. Love Dr. Heavenly.”

“I already said AYDIN has proven to be the biggest MITCH of them all. Then EUGENE and CECIL”

” I Love Dr Heavenly & Everything You Sad Was True!!! You, Quad, Jackie, & Contessa ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Keep Checking Them”


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