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‘Throwaway the Hair’: Reginae Carter’s ‘Wet Look’ Derails After Fans Trash Her ‘Thin Wig’

It looks like “Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta” actress Reginae Carter may have committed a hair blunder.

The young actress has been switching up her hairstyles quite frequently, but it seems not everyone is a fan. She took to Instagram on Thursday afternoon and posted a video, showing off her newfound beauty look. She strutted towards the camera, wearing a black strapless bodysuit, black tights and sequined shawl.

Carter also rocked an extremely glam makeup look and wore her blue hair in a slicked-back bob. In the video, she sang Summer Walker’s “Playing Games.” She captioned her post “Say my name 💋.”

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter. @colormenae/Instagram

A few fans gawked over the celeb’s post.

“OOOOOOUUUUUUUU SHIIEETTTTT 🤤🤤 reginae, reginae smh girl you killed this look! Love it ❤️!”

“Nooooo!!! @colormenae has really grown up 🤦🏽‍♀️😍😘 girl this is real grown and sexy”

Others trashed Carter for her apparent hair disaster.

“No no Nae just throwaway the whole hair! It messes up the entire video 🙄”

“I hate the whole wet look she was trying to go for, her wig is too thin for that.”

The 20-year-old star didn’t address any of the critics in her comments and instead kept posting on her Instagram feed.

Carter, who’s been in the spotlight almost since birth due to the success of her rapper father Lil Wayne, is no stranger to the constant criticism she receives.

“I feel like people put pressure on me for no reason,” she told BET during a 2017 interview. “I still make mistakes. I still do things, like, I’m growing up. I have to learn from my mistakes. I feel like people think that since you have fame and money, you’re different.”

Despite what people may think about the young star or the negative remarks said about her, she still receives a mass of support from most of her fans.

“You are so beautiful 😍🖤You better stop it. Imma really get you.. just wait ‼️💯🔥”

“I love you for real and I am a big fan. She’s beautiful hands down n I’m loving the hair.❤️❤️ Lucci a fool to let her go”

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