Fans Race to Reginae Carter’s Defense After Folks Say Her Face Doesn’t Match Her Body

Fans and supporters of “Growing Up Hip Hop” alum Reginae Carter are jumping to her defense against social media trolls bashing her appearance.

The reality actress posted a slew of fashion pics to her social media on Wednesday evening, and folks quickly noticed something off about her mien. She took to Instagram this week with a few beauty shots of herself, showing off her makeup, hair and ensemble. She donned a black blazer dress complemented with gold stiletto heels while evidently opting for a heavy makeup look.

Reginae Carter

Reginae Carter. (Photo: @colormenae/Instagram)

Carter appeared to be wearing a heavy foundation and a concealer that was few shades lighter than her skin complexion. Her makeup also seemed to consist of a drastic contour.

Reginae Carter

Reginae Carter. (Photo: @colormenae/Instagram)

“My life isn’t perfect but it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me 💋,” she captioned her images.

Instagram users who flooded the star’s feed pointed out that her hands, chest and face seemed to be lighter than her legs and feet.

“Your body and face dont match lol development is everything when fashion is the topic,” one troll commented underneath Carter’s photo.

Another person wrote, “Legs and top don’t match.. Light amd Brown🤷 and them knees 😳 😂.”

“Face and legs are two different colors! But go awfff registration,” said another detractor.

Fans of Carter put trolls in their place, jumping to her defense.

“@colormenae You’re gorgeous baby girl 😘 !” one fan exclaimed. “I’ve never seen so many hateful ppl in my life. SMH yall miserable af.”

“Awww shucks let the haters began my baby with the legs that kill all young and old,” another supporter wrote. “You look so pretty from head to toe❤.”

“Yesss let these people hate. Show these girls that you can be sexy and fully clothed 😍,” said another.

The 20-year-old actress is often deals with a lot of social media users criticizing her appearance. Earlier in February she encountered a negative Nellie who suggested she wear makeup after posting an image of herself without any makeup.

“You not ugly but you need make up sis ❤️,” the critic wrote.

Carter’s mother Toya Wright, channeled her inner mama bear and fired back at the person, “She don’t need s–t. She’s beautiful with or without.”

Being the daughter of rapper Lil Wayne, the former “GUHH” actress said she’s often felt the pressures of being in the limelight.

“I feel like people put pressure on me for no reason,” Carter told BET during an interview in November 2017. “They don’t look at me like this little girl growing up, they look at me as Lil Wayne’s daughter and Toya’s daughter growing up. I still make mistakes. I still do things, like I’m growing up.”

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