‘Stop Hatin!’: Ashanti Fans Rescue Her from Body-Shaming Trolls After Pics of Her ‘Dark’ Crotch Area Surface

Social media users never thought they’d see the day when Ashanti‘s statuesque body would ever be shamed. Well, it looks like that day has arrived, and fans aren’t having it.

The award-winning singer performed at PrettyLittleThing’s fashion week show on Sept. 9 and wore a flesh-baring green fishnet bikini ensemble from her swimsuit collection with the company. During a segment of Ashanti’s performance, she dropped it low with her legs opened wide enough for folks to bear witness to her crotch area.

Ashanti. @vuhsechi/twitter

One Twitter user in particular, posted photos of the “Good Good” singer’s buttocks and inner-thigh meat and not only scolded the singer’s body, but also her apparent hyperpigmentation.

“Ashanti 😫😱,” the person tweeted with two pictures of the singer. “Don’t come here projecting! im NOT body shaming, I’m referring to that dark spot and outfit choice.”


Ashanti fans weren’t too pleased about the naysayers and jumped to the star’s defense.

“Ya know, Ashanti has a real body so that isn’t the issue. A lot of women struggle with dark inner thighs and don’t know what to do about it. Stop hatin sus 🖕!”

“Why is everyone coming for Ashanti? That’s her body. It just shows you they give us the edited versions of her in pics. She still bad as hell tho”

“So now y’all hating on Ashanti bc her pussy has a darker complexion than the rest of her body 🙄. I wish y’all would sit ya SpongeBob SquarePants body shaped asses tf down somewhere and work on tightening up the fupa you’ve had for the last 10 years”

Ashanti. (Photo: @ashanti/Instagram)

Many fans claimed the photos of the R&B artist were photoshopped, while others applauded her for being comfortable enough in her own skin even if it isn’t “perfect.” 

As for Ashanti, she hasn’t said anything addressing the naysayers or the photos. The controversy hasn’t stopped the singer from still posting a load of her thirst-trapping photos this week. She’s also mentioned in past interviews that she’s learning to embrace herself “naturally.”

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